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Google unveils 6 Android apps for those looking to beat smartphone addiction


Google has proposed several ways to get rid of "smartphone addiction". They are all Google Android applications that the global search engine released as part of its experimental Digital Wellbeing project.

The Digital Wellbeing program was launched a year ago, and the Google applications included in it were created to partially or completely limit the time that a person spends at the screen of his smartphone. In addition, programs track the time spent on the phone and separate important and non-essential applications, temporarily blocking the latter.


Desert Island


The Desert Island solution "hides" the icons with the programs, leaving the user with only seven of the most popular ones. Ultimately, the Google app changes the way a smartphone looks. Access to "unimportant" programs still remains, and you can get it by clicking on a special icon. After some time, the user receives a report in which he can find out how many times he opened hidden applications or managed to do without them during the day.


This application can block notifications and change the gadget's desktop. Within Morph, you can activate one of several modes, each of which will open access to certain programs depending on the time or place of its use.

Post Box

The application keeps track of all notifications that randomly arrive during the day from different programs. Post Box slows them down a bit, but then sends everything at once at a predetermined time during the day.

Unlock Clock

Experimental Google Android apps are also represented by an Unlock Clock counter. It fits on the smartphone screen and keeps track of how many times a day the gadget was unlocked. The number flips every time the smartphone is activated again.

We Flip

The app is designed for a friendly competition where several people install We Flip and connect their gadgets using the Android wireless service. Then smartphones are folded screens down until one of their owners takes their device. The winner is the one who will last the longest without his mobile gadget and will not look at his screen.

Paper Phone

All of the above Google applications for Android partially restrict certain functions of the smartphone. In contrast, the capabilities of Paper Phone completely remove the user from using a mobile gadget. The main idea of the application is that instead of reading important information placed on the smartphone, the user can use its paper counterpart.


Paper Phone allows you to print on paper any information you may need during the day, while distracted by your smartphone just to answer calls. It can be notes, scheduled appointments and tasks, weather forecast, address book and other necessary data. The Paper Phone selects the information to export, converting it to PDF.

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