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Google presented Android 9 (Pie)


Google has released the final version of its mobile operating system, dubbed Android 9 Pie, to the public. The massive update is now available on all Pixel devices. For other smartphones, a new Android upgrade will appear in the fall.

Smart Firmware

The new Android system has become more intelligent and has acquired the ability to build its functionality, focusing on user preferences. So, the tool for adapting the power consumption system can analyze which applications are opened more often than others and, accordingly, first of all, distribute the battery charge for them. Also, the adaptive brightness option will be able to independently adjust the display brightness according to the situation and user habits.


Android 9 is able to predict user activity, suggesting the next step right on the device screen. To do this, the new Pie has an option "Actions in applications". A little later, the developers want to supplement this tool with cards with data from frequently used applications, which will open as needed.

Android Pie received a Digital Wellbeing dashboard with statistics that record the launch time, operating interval and frequency of opening an application. Also, the new Pie has an option to limit the time that the user spends on a particular resource. For example, on Instagram, you can set a limit for a day, after which the application icon will no longer be colored.

Not without iPhone X

The new Android OS has taken some of the functions of the iPhone X. So, switching between applications in Android 9 Pie is possible with the help of gesture movements on the device screen. Separate buttons ("enter", "home", "return") are not provided, instead of them one big key of the main screen will appear. Sliding along it from bottom to top, a list of previously opened applications will appear on the screen.


The large screen button allows you to navigate the system, for example, switch to full-screen view of recently used applications. The "Quick Settings" system has also received an update. With their help, you can quickly create and edit screenshots, it is easier to adjust the volume, the notification management system has become more convenient.

More functionality

The introduced Android 9 for Pixel smartphones is not equipped with all the tools that were previously voiced by the developers. For example, the Digital Wellbeing dashboard does not have all the capabilities, for example, application usage statistics are not presented in full, and the “slices” option (for example, when you can order a taxi from the search bar without getting into Uber itself) is not presented in principle. The full functionality will appear later when the mobile OS is distributed to other Android devices.


Android Pie provides enhanced protection for biometrics and personal information. Having a special chip, the updated mobile OS preserves the confidentiality of important personal information, for example, bank card parameters.

Thus, Pixel products start to automatically update to the new OS. In this case, the devices that were used in beta tests of the new Android (Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, OnePlus, etc.) will receive an update a little later. In the meantime, Google will continue to work with other companies to launch or update existing systems to Android 9 by the end of this year.

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