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Optimizing video game settings with GeForce Experience


In this article, you will find an overview of the GeForce Experience program, which helps to adjust the settings of the video card for an individual game, and also monitors the video driver.

About GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience is a free program from Nvidia that adjusts video card settings for an individual game, as well as monitors the video driver. You can download the program, as well as read the license agreement on the official website of the manufacturer.

GeForce Experience Key Benefits

    • support for many computer games, the number of which is gradually increasing in the program database;
    • the ability to track new versions of the video driver for each video card from Nvidia;
    • on certain models of video cards, the function of video recording of computer games from the "ShadowPlay" monitor screen and visualization of LED backlight is active.

GeForce Experience Functionality

The program's interface is very simple and contains only four main windows.

  • The first Games window contains a list of games installed on your computer, which are also in the GeForce Experience database on the Nvidia server. " Optimization " refers to the video game settings that are optimal in terms of quality / performance. In practice, this helps to save time on manual video adjustments, after which you have to test the game for the number of "FPS" and the like. For a list of games supported by GeForce Experience, see the Supported PC Games section of the software manufacturer's website.

Fig. 1 Games section in GeForce Experience.

  • The second window " Drivers " contains information about the current video driver, as well as the ability to update it to the latest from the manufacturer's website via the Internet. Next to the " Check for Updates " button there is an item " Show beta versions ". If you check the box, beta (that is, test) versions of the driver will also be available during the update.

Fig. 2 Drivers section in GeForce Experience.

  • The third window " My System " contains brief information about the system, as well as the subcategories " ShadowPlay " and " Visualizer ".
  1. " LED backlit visualizer " active only on GeForce GTX 690, 770, 780, TITAN and other TOP video cards with LED backlighting.
  2. " ShadowPlay " is Nvidia's new technology for capturing PC games from a monitor with minimal CPU usage. It works with GTX 600 and higher desktop GPUs.

Fig. 3 The My System section in GeForce Experience.

The fourth window " Options " contains three subsections:

  • In the " General " subsection, you can select the program language, go to the Windows Event Viewer menu, and read the documentation.
  • In the "Games" subsection, it is important to configure the GeForce Experience scan directory for games, that is, paths to the folders containing installed games. By default, this is C: Program Files. You can add as many paths as you need.
  • In the " Updates " subsection, you can set the intervals between checking for updates or disable this option altogether.

Fig. 4 Location of games in the "Games" subsection for scanning.

Not everyone can callGeForce Experience a full-fledged program. The term "utility" is more appropriate here. At the same time, when the developers just released the first version, there were only a few units in the game database. But over time, the list grew, and new versions of GeForce Experience were released almost every week. The above version of the program is

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