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What facts about Fallout 76 are worth knowing?


October this year can truly be called the month of the awakened giants of the game industry. We are already playing Assassn's Creed: Odessey and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (on our site you can find many reviews and thematic materials about these games). And now the shadow of another giant hangs over us and its name is Fallout 76. On the eve of the release of the game, we asked ourselves: What facts about Fallout 76 are worth knowing?

Yes, we are aware that the project is quite controversial, and is mostly aimed at newfagos who have never heard of the series before. However, we also admit the fact that the game is quite ambitious, and both newfags and oldfags will play it, so that later they will write how they did not like it, and that the series is dead.

The game will be fully networked

After the press conference at E3, many players wondered if the game would only be multiplayer or would we be allowed to play alone without a team? As it turned out, there will be such an opportunity, but for this you still have to stay online. Wandering around the map, you will bump into other players, build shelters, craft, collect loot - everything is like in single player mode, but, alas, you can never be left alone.

The game will have story quests and missions

As the facts say, Fallout 76 will have story missions. They will work differently than in previous parts. Since, according to Tod Govarad, there will be no NPCs in the game, we will receive tasks from holographic recordings on disks for Pip-Boy. They will most likely be procedurally generated.

Fallout 76

Also, so that we do not have to be bored, we will constantly be part of random events. For example, walking around the map, you can stumble upon raiders attacking the city and will decide whether to help the inhabitants or not. You will always meet other players with whom you can chat. That is, quests are free-form and depend on what you and your friends want to do on that day.

Nuclear warheads are not profitable to drop on other players

Many gamers fear that due to a possible nuclear strike in any part of the map, "especially smart" players will destroy other people's buildings for fun. To begin with, we note that after the last war, winged singed animals appeared, which will need to be driven underground with good old nuclear weapons.

Fallout 76

When someone opens a nuclear strike (and this is extremely difficult to do), instead of devastation, a new unique location with the strongest weapons and armor, the best in the game, will be created at the place where the bomb falls. If someone decides to drop a bomb on other players' camp, they will quickly respawn at the epicenter of the explosion and take all the loot for themselves. The site of a nuclear strike will be a tidbit that you don't want to see anyone other than yourself after you've got hold of the launch codes. Also, these locations will only be available for a while.

The game will have a VATS system

But unlike the past parts, where time stopped or slowed down, everything here will be in real time. Players will have to select body parts on the fly to shoot, which is good news for those who are poor shooters. But yes, it will be strange.

Transportable settlements cannot be built anywhere

Firstly, using the CAMP setup you will not be able to build a settlement at the exit of the vault. If you leave the game, then your settlement will be restored where you left it last time. However, if while you are not in the game someone sets up their camp where yours was, it will be saved as a blueprint so that you can deploy it elsewhere.

Fallout 76

The downside is that before creating a settlement, you will have to clear the selected area, and then defend it from further attacks.

Thanks to the presence of public workshops, you can receive certain resources and exchange them later for caps. For example, by capturing a mine, you will receive advanced metal and sell it if necessary.

Trolls will be punished

As we said, in order to avoid dropping a bomb on your head, the developers changed its concept so that it was not profitable. However, if this happens, then you will not receive any significant fines. And if any player begins to hunt you or other players too often, interfering with the game, the game will give him a special wanted badge, and you will get a lot of points for killing this character. This means you can hunt trolls and teach them a lesson if need be.

Fallout 76

Food is key

Soft core survival is a Fallout 76 genre, the facts tell us that you will have to constantly feed and water your character. Food prepared by the player on his own will have more advantages. This can act as an itinerant chef selling his food, but remember that food has an expiration date.

Leveling up will be different

You can swing by collecting skill cards that can be changed by making them active. This way you can always change your build. You can share cards with friends. Also, you will be affected by radiation, from which mutations appear. Some may be useful, some may not.

Fallout 76

These were all the facts about Fallout 76 before diving into the gameplay. Also another major release in October is Assassins Creed Odyssey.

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