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Fallout 76 mods removed 2 annoying game flaws


New Fallout 76 came out as a game, to put it mildly, technically unpolished. The abundance of bugs, poor performance (especially drawing on the mediocre graphics for 2018) and an inconvenient interface put a spoke in the wheel when trying to enjoy the game. Bethesda is aware of the issues and is already preparing a massive patch for all versions of Fallout 76, but PC owners, thanks to the Fallout 76 modding community of players, already have the opportunity to get rid of some of the annoying game problems today.

A user under the nickname S3aN published a modification on the NexusMods site that can significantly improve the performance of the PC version. At its core, a small mod is a revised .ini file that adjusts the graphics settings. Under the knife are shadows, terrain textures and the range of drawing objects. Not the most pleasant sacrifices, but if you consider that Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game in which even the speed of the character's movement depends on the frame rate, then for owners of weak PCs, a few additional FPS will definitely not hurt.

Another mod for Fallout 76 called RatMonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging solves the problem of overloaded inventory, in which it is difficult to find the necessary item in a short time. The mod adds to each item in the inventory a small annotation in the tag format (there are 20 tags in total), which allows you to immediately determine for what purposes the item is used.

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Author: Jake Pinkman