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TOP 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters


Shoneny about martial arts is a timeless and ageless genre. Combat anime is one of the most commercially successful in the industry with its immense animation capabilities and unconventional approach. Not surprisingly, with so much content, there is a constant debate about the strongest anime character, or at least a handful of the very best. We have compiled our own top 12 most powerful anime characters according to the version of our portal, ranking them in ascending order of strength. Let's clarify that in many ways the strength of a character is measured by the framework of his universe and the most powerful opponents, therefore, in the controversial issues of the top, there is a place for the author's subjectivism.

12. Jotaro Kujo / Bizarre Adventure JoJo: Stardust Crusaders

Opens the list of the strongest anime characters of Jotaro Kujo. Plus Jotaro is not only in his enormous strength, because he is also damn smart, able to analyze and resist anyone who gets in his way.

In addition, he can stop time and strike at that moment. He is strong enough to deliver fatal blows and there is no way to counter his technique.


11. Meliodas / Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu

Meliodas is the son of the Demon King, he is as strong as he is tough. Possesses monstrous strength, power over the flames of hell, is able to reflect any magic, and is also immortal. He is arguably the most powerful character in The Seven Deadly Sins and the anime in general.

Do not let his small stature and cute face deceive you, for he has enormous demonic power, which only continues to grow and has not yet been fully revealed in the manga.


10. Alucard / Hellsing Ultimate

The ability to control hellfire is cool, but against the impersonation of hell itself, it hardly helps. Alucard is the most powerful vampire in the world and also immortal.

His two stylish pistols are just the tip of the iceberg, with the help of them he only has fun and gets a taste. Alucard can use the souls of the people he killed for his own purposes, summon an army of the dead, and also turn into a nightmare all-devouring creature capable of killing hundreds of opponents.


9. Natsu / Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Mage and Dragon Slayer. He received his power from his adoptive father and can use it to transcend natural boundaries. In his special dragon slayer mode, he is not afraid of even immortal creatures. He is especially good at using fire magic and destroying nearby territory during combat. Although this is more of a minus.


8. Almighty / Boku no Hero Academia

The most powerful hero of the Earth and the "Symbol of Peace". Almighty possesses the One for All ability, the most powerful amplifying quirk transmitted from one possessor to another. With each transmission, the power of the quirk increases as its owners train it to improve. At this point, Almighty 8 is the owner of the Quirk and his powers are slowly decreasing since he passed One for All to Deku. He is also seriously injured and can remain in heroic form for only an hour or less. In his best years, he would have bravely entered into a fight with many of this list, but since his time is running out, we leave him in 8th place.


7. Naruto

Naruto is the strongest person in his world. As a boy, his signature technique remained the technique of shadow cloning, and it seemed that he could do nothing more. But as time went on, Naruto was able to harness the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, becoming a person with an infinite supply of chakra. Entering hermitage mode, he is able to form pure clots of energy from this chakra. Moreover, thanks to the connection with all tailed beasts, it can also borrow their special energy, becoming almost a devastator.


As a last resort, he can always start yelling and create our favorite army of clones.

6. Mob / Mob Psycho 100

And the closer to the finale, the more brute force begins to lose ground in front of the power of reason. Kagiyama Shigo, or as he is also called Mob, is the most powerful psychic in the whole world. He is able to destroy things only with the power of thought. He always has to control his emotions, because without this he can fall into a state where his strength will break out of control.


Such power causes massive cataclysms. She protects him both from physical attacks and [it is even difficult to get close to Mob], and the attacks of other psychics are not afraid of him.

5. Tetsuo Shima / Akira

It's one thing not to control your strength, but to try, and quite another thing is not to control it and be crazy. Tetsuo is a very insecure person, he is like a beetle who has received the power of God and cannot even imagine what to do with it. His telekinetic and psychic attacks can cause local ends of the world, comparable to the power of nuclear explosions. However, Tetsuo creates a whole new universe, which makes him one of the most powerful people. Fortunately for Akira's characters, Tetsuo has become his own main enemy, because if he was able to curb his power, it would hardly have ended the way it ended.


4. Goku / Dragon Ball

Goku is the most powerful martial artist in the entire anime, and is the most powerful fighter in his own universe and all other Dragon Ball universes.

Its strongest form is Ultra Instinct. When Goku enters it, he can defeat any fighter. As well as in principle anyone. However, even outside of this form, if he encounters opponents strong enough and fights long enough, he risks destroying the entire universe as a side effect of using his power. With these impressive abilities, it's hard to believe that his story began as a young boy with a monkey's tail who lived alone in the forest and flew on a cloud.


3.Quubei / Madoka magica

Kyuubei is the personification of the beginning and end of the universe, he is immortal, omnipotent, and his only life goal is to destroy all living things. Although not particularly powerful himself, he manipulates people and reality, continuing a cycle of destruction that inevitably leads to the erasure of all existing matter.

If something exists, the Qubei will destroy it. Its destructive power is almost impossible to avoid. Simply put, his power is complete oblivion, and there are only a couple of anime characters who can somehow resist him.


2.Zeno / Dragon ball super

Zeno is the ruler of all existing realities, he is able not only to create one world, but to create and destroy hundreds of worlds. He is like a child God, capable of destroying anyone and anything from space. He has no special secret tactics or forms, but Zeno simply manipulates space, time and energy.

He destroys realities and worlds just for fun and juggles galaxies. There is no way to resist this God. But, perhaps, only one living creature can covet this power.


1.Saitama, aka One punch man

Saitma is a person capable of killing anyone with one blow. His power is limitless and there is no one whom he would not defeat. All the cosmic and destructive power of the same Zeno is collected in his fist. Besides, Saitama is simply impossible to harm. Many tried but failed.

Unlike the heroes of all other fighting anime, Saitama is strong from the very beginning and because of his power he fell into depression, since there is no point in being omnipotent, since you cannot lose and feel the passion of the battle. And yes, watching anime you are always worried, the situation is heating up, and then Saitama appears and decides everything in one blow. And you're like, “Oh, exactly…. This is One punch man, what did I expect? ”.


There are many more strong anime characters that we haven't mentioned, but we may return to this topic in the future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman