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Sometimes looking at a cool shounen and its main character, many people ask the question: "Why is the main character of the anime so dumb?" Well, this is not a rule, but we can definitely remember many characters. Although it seems to me better to speak not dumb, but less smart character. Think of Goku, Luffy, Naruto and you will understand what I mean.

This distinction is key because of the comedic element of the show, although it can lead to the misconception that stupid characters are introduced to the plot to ridicule this style of thinking or even their audience, but it is not. Let's analyze the root of this behavior and why anime characters are so dumb.

Generally, considering why Naruto or Luffy are portrayed as less savvy, one might conclude that the anime in question promotes the idea that you don't have to be highly intelligent to be a hero, or rather, you don't. you have to be smart. That is, anyone can be a hero.

Often in shounen, the lack of intelligence is made up for with strength, courage, determination, a high sense of morality and other positive qualities. The question to be asked is: What makes strength so much more important than intelligence? Why does everyone love the power of a character's shounen, but their nonsense is overlooked?


In contrast, you can remember Deku from "My Hero Academy". Endowed with the power of "One for All", incredibly intelligent and analytical mind, Deku is the perfect combination of both smart and strong character. Physically and mentally, Deku not only strives to become the greatest hero, but also demonstrates his ability to do so consistently. So why are there so few like him in shounen?

It is obvious from the example of this anime that simultaneously strong and intelligent characters are not only possible, but they are also commercially successful. So why is Boruto as dumb as his father? Even omitting the point that Boruto is a soft remake of the original Naruto, the answer is simple and complex at the same time: demographics and target audience.


Teenage boys and adult men are typical viewers of shonen anime in Japan. Anime, like any other entertainment industry, is created for a specific audience so that viewers can associate themselves with it. And while an in-depth discussion could have been held about why this demographic is dominated by men, as well as the difference between men and women, and how this difference affects the total number of viewers in the entertainment industry, let's skip this point. A simple answer will be given instead. In fact, I already answered - association.

A teenager usually admires characters like Goku, Naruto, and Luffy because they associate themselves with them. Any show should be based on two pillars: immersion and escape from reality.

The teenager associates himself with Goku because of his spiritual simplicity. Goku's positive traits can be easily identified by his determination, courage, kindness, positive thinking, and strength. There are others, but these traits will suffice. The typical teen sees this and feels a kinship because these traits are easy to emulate, and the immersion between character and viewer then becomes a simple process. The viewer doesn't need too much to relate to Goku.


Plus they immerse themselves in anime where they can become a hero. When the anime ends, the viewer can continue to relate themselves, for example by asking the question, "How would Goku deal with this situation?" By simply imitating the character they have chosen to admire and / or worship.

The simpler the character, the easier the empathy will be. Naruto is a perfect example of why the stupid main character in anime is so loved by viewers. When Naruto is first introduced, he is a loser, troublemaker, friendless, academically unsuccessful, and has no hint of romance. Most adolescents who are in dire pubertal crisis can see many (if not all) of these problems in themselves.

Just imagine if all the shounen characters were as smart as the L from Death Note. The gap between L and the average teenager is now greatly widened.


More likely to hear that a teenager wants to become like Naruto, not L. Please note that when discussing these characters, I exclude their fictional abilities and speak about personality and physical / mental abilities. The boy who wants to become like L now has to boost his intelligence and IQ, a feat that is more difficult than Naruto's simple stubbornness. Now, imagine that each shonen character was as smart as L and as physically strong as Goku. The gap between audience and character is even greater.

Therefore, I can say that these characters are not stupid or stupid, they do not seem smart, since they have high, even a little naive ideals that are inherent in adolescent maximalism, but adults often just seem stupid.

Back to L and Naruto. For a teenager, Naruto's motivation: "I want to become Hokage in order to be strong and respected" sounds much clearer and simpler than L motivation: "I have to catch Kira to prove the rule of law, and put a person with a god complex in his place." p>

In addition, Naruto, with his loud phrases like: "I will become Hokage, whatever the cost and protect all those who are dear to me" inspires more than: "Watari, bring me ice cream, sweets help me think." Of course, these are characters for different ages, but again, the holy truth - the simpler the character, the more people will love him.

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Author: Jake Pinkman