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ViewSonic Monitors Review


It's hard to imagine a personal computer without a monitor. This is a window to the virtual world. Much, if not all, in the gameplay depends on the correctness of his choice. ViewSonic presents to the attention of those interested in devices that will be of interest to both gamers and ordinary users.

Gamer curved display

VX line monitors are versatile, these devices have a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The response time can be set to 3ms while maintaining Full HD resolution. A display like the ViewSonic VX2458-C-mhd is capable of conveying the features of almost any eSports shooter with maximum smoothness.


If the user has an AMD card, they can appreciate FreeSync technology, which eliminates screen tearing in areas with a lot of dynamics.

The developers have not forgotten about multimedia capabilities. The 24-inch curved VA sensor is immersive.

Monitors have several types of dimensions. There are devices with a diagonal of 27 and 32 inches. The latter are equipped with a resolution of 1440p.

For esports fans and beyond

The ViewSonic XG2401 24 "monitor is primarily for gamers. Even its design speaks for it.

From the filling, we can note the ultra-fast TN-matrix, which has a 144-Hz scan with a response speed of 1 ms.

Separately, there is a game mode with the ability to fine-tune the image, the Flicker-Free functionality, which protects the eyes from flickering.


Screen position adjustments are structurally incorporated. It can be tilted to any angle or rotated for convenience.

Two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort jack and USB hubs are located at the back, making it possible to quickly connect a game console if necessary.

Game and movie lovers

The XG2702 has a diagonal dimension of 27 inches. The design of its body has been changed and is not similar to the previous one.

The monitor has the following functionality: anti-flicker protection; blue light filter; the ability to adjust the rotation and tilt. There is also ViewScale, which allows you to choose the scale of the image.

The ViewSonic XG2702 monitor features a fast response sensor that eliminates tearing and distortion. ColorX mode optimizes color reproduction, enhances contrast and stabilizes black tones.

This will especially suit fans of quests and those who spend a lot of time watching movies.

XG2530 - the flagship of the line

The device pleases with the highest refresh rate at the moment - 240 Hz. This parameter and the matrix response time of 1 ms will delight e-sportsmen.

The monitor has a dimension corresponding to 24.5 inches. This can be considered the golden mean, because on a smaller screen, interface elements are poorly visible, on a larger screen, the load on the eyes increases, due to the impossibility of accurately recording events along its edges.


Among other things, the ViewSonic XG2530 has presets for a variety of gaming genres. They can be used with the click of a button.

This device is designed to work at the request of professional gamers, and it will also be useful for those who wish to improve their gaming skills.

Premium item

The next representative of the line will appeal to connoisseurs of 4K content. Its dimension will suit fans of games and multimedia information. The monitor has an IPS matrix that covers 99% of the color field.

Thanks to the HDR standard, accurate color reproduction is ensured. In addition, this function plays an important role in adding vitality to the image. The previously described ColorX technology adds brightness and saturation to colors.

The XG3220 body, like previous devices, has the ability to be adjusted in height, tilt or swivel. This is facilitated by a convenient mechanism that is compact and not conspicuous. There is also an RGB stand with an independent base.

There is an innovation. Engineers of the manufacturer specifically for this monitor have improved and applied an acoustics amplifier with a power of 6 watts. Now fans of sound effects can enjoy excellent sound quality. This is also relevant when playing games.

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