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GIGABYTE G32QC Gaming Monitor Review


Monitors for professional players are different. Here, devices with a high screen resolution or devices equipped with 4K panels with HDR are appreciated. Amateurs have more modest requirements for gadgets of this class. The main thing is that they have good color rendering, allowing them to be used every day and for any scenario. The new product from GIGABYTE meets all these requirements.


GIGABYTE has a wide range of products. Top products are equipped with the AORUS nameplate. The G-series is a collection of gaming displays with low response times and high refresh rates. This allows you to get large fps parameters, which is important in the gameplay.

At the initial acquaintance with the GIGABYTE G32QC monitor model, you might think that it is quite ordinary, having nothing unique. The set is quite standard here: 32-inch diagonal, curved panel with a curvature factor of 1500R, QHD resolution, 165 Hz.

There are a lot of devices with such characteristics on the market.

Everything falls into place after getting acquainted with all the parameters of the device. It has a color rendition of 94% DCI-P3 (HDR10), 124% sRGB. The brightness here is at the level of 350 cd / m?, in HDR mode - up to 400 cd / m?. FreeSync (48-165 Hz) support is also available, and G-Sync (48-165 Hz) certified.

GIGABYTE G32QC is equipped with six connectors: 2 x HDMI 2.0; 1 x DisplayPort 1.2b; 2 x USB 3.0 Type-A (via USB hub) and 1 x headphone minijack.

The monitor received a removable stand. It has adjustable tilt and height, and can be suspended on a standard bracket.


Functional appearance

Modern gaming peripherals are distinguished by pretentiousness and an almost complete lack of modesty. Devices with chopped edges and large curves are still in vogue. The main consumers of this type of products are teenagers aged 15-17. True, there is a tendency for this audience to gradually mature, which leads to changes in the form factor of gaming monitors.

GIGABYTE G32QC is a clear confirmation of this. It is moderately aggressive, it is an almost monolithic construction.

Visually, the gadget seems light and neat. It has thin bezels and a well-defined horizon that is always parallel to the surface on which the machine is installed.

The monitor's ergonomics are doing well. There are enough ports for connection. It is possible to fit two devices with short cables, for this there is a built-in USB hub.

The device does not have its own acoustic systems, but those who wish can connect headphones via the audio jack.


So that the wires do not dangle and do not interfere, they can be assembled into a bundle. There is a hole in the stand for cable outlet. The developers have taken care not only of the ergonomics of the product, but also of its practicality. This shows the level of the brand, its high design school.

Cool Matrix

There are many HDR displays on the market, but not all players have appreciated their capabilities. The GIGABYTE G32QC is HDR400 certified. It can not only show colors in HDR format, but also accentuate the difference in color reproduction.

The presence of LED backlighting and VA matrix allows you to get both deep blacks and very bright white at the same time.

For the content to be perceived as it should, you also need a properly built matrix. To do this, LCD shutters must correctly perceive control signals, as well as display the entire range of 10-bit color space.

For this purpose, all copies at the factory are tested, calibrated and the resulting profile is sewn into the display's internal memory. Since this requires appropriate equipment and time, the cost of the goods increases slightly.

The fact that this monitor for e-sportsmen has not been forgotten either. In addition to a good picture, its LCD panel gives a screen refresh rate of 165 Hz. This is quite enough for the passage of most toys in conditions of average graphics settings and even higher. If a gamer is dealing with a blockbuster, then the adaptive synchronization system will help him. It works with any video card: Radeon or GeForce.

Smart software

Monitors are often equipped with built-in menus and small joysticks, as well as buttons that often have to be operated by touch.

The G32QC provides the OSD Sidekick utility for Windows for this. With it, you can adjust any display positions: contrast, brightness, amplification of individual channels, enable and disable adaptive synchronization and blur reduction systems. All you need to control is a keyboard and mouse.


In the same way, actually activate the gamma corrector on the screen sight. The latter setting allows shadow detail to be pulled out for earlier detection of enemies.

There is also a ton of functionality that you can tweak this way.


The GIGABYTE G32QC is one of the best gaming monitors in its class. Especially if the price / quality ratio is at the forefront. The developers have thought of everything here to the smallest detail. Not only the graphics capabilities, but also the ergonomics and software are pleasantly surprised. In practicality, the gadget is also almost as good as anyone. It will appeal to both avid gamers and regular users.

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Author: Jake Pinkman