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CADELTA news digest from the game world


Another week has come to an end, during which the developers have been feeding us trailers, releases and much more.

Bethesda will continue to release single-coil projects

After the studio made several high-profile announcements, such as the end of the Dishonored series, that sales of Wolfenstein 2 were low, and Fallout 76 will be supported forever, many gamers have buried the hope that the studio will be engaged in single-game projects.

These worries were allayed by VP of Marketing Pete Hines, who said that the studio will not archive its other large projects. Although the sales of Wolfenstain 2 were worse than the previous part, the studio is confidently preparing for the release of the Young Blood DLC, and also does not hide that, most likely, we will see the third part of the franchise.

Team F4NV Revealed Fallout 4 New Vegas Gameplay Trailer

The long-suffering project of the team of modders Team F4NV, who have been working for a long time on transferring Fallout New Vegas to the engine of the fourth part of the game, has got a trailer. We were shown a 10 minute intro in which we create a character. If anyone does not remember, the Courier is shot in the head and he wakes up on the bed of Dr. Mitchal, who saved him.

It is noteworthy that the doc does not speak in his own voice. The fact is that the modders decided not to insert original soundtracks into the game to avoid copyright problems. We are waiting for not only a new visualization, but a completely re-voiced game.

New Tomb Raider sells poorly

Such news came to us from the UK, where they conducted a statistical analysis. Yes, the game has surpassed the number of copies sold compared to the last Rise of Tomb Raider, but this is due to the fact that it is not exclusive to the Xbox One.

Just for comparison, the first part of the restart surpasses the last one in sales by 70%. Therefore, Lara's developers can only dream of catching up with the sales of Marvel's Spider Man, which is likely to overtake God of War.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Release Date Announced

October 23 was announced as the PC release date. The game will be released on the same day as Homecoming. Console owners will have to wait until December 4th. We can say that the developers have brought the game to mind, but this does not mean that in the end they will not make any more changes to the already unrecognizable gwent.

Simultaneously with the multiplayer gwynat comes the long-separated story company Gwent: Thronbreaken about the Queen of Libya and Rivia Maeve. Release dates for PC and consoles are similar.

Elijah Wood's game has been released

Project Transefarence tells us about a scientist who is experimenting with the brain data of his family. As a result, consciousness is intertwined into one big nightmare. We have to switch between family members and restore memories. The game is available on PC and next generation consoles. Despite the orientation of virtual reality, you can go through it without a VR headset.

Sony Reboots PlayStation NES

We are used to the fact that only Nintendo makes a profit on the nastalgie, and now Sony can also be included with its PlayStation Classic. It is reduced by 45%, and has an emulator with dozens of roms. It also has an HDMI connector, a virtual memory card, and it is powered by USB.

Of the 20 games we can play, only five have been named so far: Final Fantasy VII, Jamping Flash, Ride Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

New details about RDR 2 have become known

Namely, a very long list of new features. Let's highlight the most interesting ones:

  • Like GTA 5, the game can be played in the first person
  • The arsenal of weapons is always visible - you cannot hide it. In total, you can carry a couple of long-barreled guns, a couple of pistols, a knife, a lasso and throwing weapons. All of it wears out, so you can follow it. The enemy's weapon can be knocked out of the hands with a shot or broken with an accurate hit.
  • There will be enough "dismemberment" in the game
  • You can interact with the witnesses of your crimes in different ways: shoot, bribe, or even "talk" to solve the problem.
  • There will be a lot of realism, such as detailed skinning of animals. By the way, if the carcass is not sold on time, it will start to rot and fall in price.
  • The hero grows hair and a beard that can be cut.
  • There will be RDR Online multiplayer, coming a few months after release. The developers have warned that it will initially contain bugs.

By the way, earlier we talked in detail about what to expect from R2D2 .

Capcom Released New DMC 5 Trailer

At the Tokio Games Show, we were shown a new dynamic trailer, where you can watch the gameplay as both Dante and Neuro. The developer has opened a pre-order of the game in incentive, for playstation, and on huana.

In addition, there is a mention of multiplayer for two to three players on the pages of the console stores. The developers have not yet shared details.

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