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New Details for The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and Fallout 76


Bethesda's E3 2018 conference is best remembered for two premieres - The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. The developers heard requests from gamers and presented small teasers, but neither the gameplay, nor the release date, nor any details of the new large-scale role-playing games were reported. But don't be in a hurry to get upset, the head of the game division of Bethesda Todd Howard shared several new facts about the upcoming projects, affecting also Fallout 76. However, about the "Scrolls " a little spoiler: everything is very bad.

The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield

One of the reasons why the developers announced their games so early is that they simply don't want to torment their fans with riddles. Rumors about the creation of new large role-playing games of the studio have been regularly appearing on the network for more than one year, so it was considered inappropriate to hide the development. Starfield has been in development for much longer than the next part of The Elder Scrolls, and the first thoughts about creating an RPG in a space setting appeared more than 10 years ago.


Gameplay Starfield will continue the concept of all of the studio's other big RPGs, but will have some social elements. What is it? It is not yet known whether these words can hide both full-fledged multiplayer and custom modifications. It is quite possible to play Starfield today, but the project is still far from complete. The developers will conduct the first demonstration of the game only when a few months remain before the release.

Well, about The Elder Scrolls VI. Todd Howard modestly kept silent about what kind of game we will get, but something else is important. The studio still does not even have an engine on which the game will be developed. That is, now they are discussing only the concept, plot and features of the sixth part of The Elder Scrolls. Therefore, the release of the game at least in 5 years is a very optimistic option.

Fallout 76

At the moment, almost the entire Bethesda studio is involved in the development of the game, after the release of Fallout 76, the team will switch to Starfield. Fallout 76 is a completely online game, so even if you decide to explore the wasteland on your own, you will meet other players. At the same time, no one forces you to cooperate with oncoming users, you can go through the game on your own, for this the developers even planned special incentive bonuses. Another important point is that Fallout 76 won't launch without an internet connection.

Fallout 76

It is impossible to meet human NPCs in the game, there will be only robots and mutants from whom you can take new quests. You can hunt people and take valuable loot from defeated players, but you always need to be on the lookout - you can become prey yourself. Whether there is an option to disable the PvP mode has yet to be announced. But the developers are working hard to make it unobtrusive for those gamers who don't want to constantly clash with other users.

The game will support custom modifications, but immediately after the release of Fallout 76, they should not be expected, they will appear over time, when the developers open access to modding tools. The game will be released on November 14, 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman