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What have we learned from the Resident Evil 8 trailer?


sequel to the Resident Evil series - Resident Evil 8: Village. Who would have thought that most of the rumors, if not all, would be true in relation to this project. Since we got it right with what the game turned out to be in terms of the setting and many gameplay details, it's time to talk about what new we know about Resident Evil 8 Village. Based on the official press release, Rely on Horror and our own guesses, we will analyze what we were shown in the Village trailer.

Official Capcom Information

After being shown the game's trailer at the launch itself, Capcom has updated it with a brand new video and lots of new details, including gameplay and many other elements [like inventory] that were not in the trailer.


The action takes place a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7, and the whole new storyline begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new place, free from their past nightmares. But they have to return to the experienced horror because of Chris Redfield, which destroys their lives. After that, Ethan finds himself in a remote village, where new problems await him.

What can we learn about Resident Evil 8 from the trailer?

As expected, the setting of the new part of the cut will be the old castle and the village near it. In the trailer we were shown a panorama of the area. It may not be the whole village. We can even highlight here a lot of attractions - earlier under the castle there was a bell tower, and we can see the entrance gate to the castle with small burning torches. The castle, on the other hand, looks absolutely massive, stretching across the top of the mountain. It looks like a rather large-scale story awaits us compared to the chamber seventh part.


In one of the frames, we even show the castle inside and it should be said that it strongly resembles Spencer's Mansion from the very first part of Resident Evil, because if you compare one of the frames with the appearance of the mansion's hallway, the similarity is very large. The mansion may have been modeled after a castle.

Oswell Spencer had luxury mansions built for him around the world, presumably so that he always had a little piece of home wherever he was. From Raccoon City to Antarctica, to Europe in RE5, it is possible that this could be his main home. Its large scale may hint that this particular castle is their prototype.

Given the age of his appearance, it is possible that this building was built long before the birth of Oswell himself and is the property of his family. Another reason I think it may well be true is that it matches the original Resident Evil 4 concept that the creators relied on.


RE4 changed its concept several times, and one of the initial options was for Leon to travel to a Gothic castle to personally find Spencer. The final version of the game also had the castle, but not at all in the form in which it was originally conceived.

Resident Evil 8 Antagonist

Presumably the castle is located in Romania, by analogy with the castle of Count Dracula. But more on that later. From the trailer, we can conclude that our main opponents will be witches. In it, we even see their general collection. Led by a Victorian lady, a group of women in black hooded dresses tower over Ethan. This scene takes place in a master bedroom as luxurious as the rest of the castle.


These ladies are commonly called witches, but there is an assumption that they are actually vampires. Not literally, but within the logic of the universe. This is evidenced by two shots from the trailer, where we first see how the Victorian lady is surrounded by a flock of bats [or are they insects?], And also in the moment when one takes Ethan's hand and reaches for it with her lips. Perhaps Ethan is special, as in the seventh part he was infected with a virus. There are no answers or hints to this.

In addition to these ladies, we will face either one or several werewolves. One of them even roared at the end of the trailer. Perhaps we are waiting for ordinary enemies, like the one that appeared in the scene of Ethan's acquaintance with an elderly man, and the monster at the end will be a temporary stalker, and at some point a boss.


It looks like there will be vampires and witches in the Village at the same time, as in one moment we see an elderly woman with a mad smile and a strange decoration on her hair. Who knows, maybe she is a witch. She is also most likely the stalker mentioned in the leaks, who turns into bugs when attacked. She appears to be carrying a staghorn staff and possibly several human skulls. Who knows what role she might play in Resident Evil 8.


One thing is for sure - the villagers are having a hard time right now. A lot of enemies await us, including Chris Redfield. As stated in the leaks, in the eighth part, he will be the antagonist. He appears to be killing Mia and is the one who brought Ethan to the village.


There are many theories about what is actually going on. However, it's hard not to be surprised when the original protagonist takes the dark side and turns Mia into Swiss cheese. There are many options for his behavior to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • Chris is under the control of his mind, which has precedent in the series thanks to Las Plagas and Mold. The last time we saw Chris, he helped capture Lucas Baker. There is a very high chance that Blue Umbrella may have used Chris to do their dirty work and infect him using his face and reputation.

  • Chris is a clone or genetically engineered counterpart also featured in this series.

  • He does this to achieve another more important goal. Perhaps he does these things because he has no other choice. There are tens, maybe thousands of lives at stake - or maybe even one, in particular, his sister.

  • Chris didn't actually kill Mia. It's also worth mentioning that we don't have conclusive evidence that Ethan and Mia were completely cured of the Mold infection. Despite the fact that they seem to have been cured, Mia and Zoe suffer from the effects of Mold much later. There is every chance that Ethan and Mia are still infected, and there is nothing to be done about it. Chris may be counting on this as Mia can apparently regenerate. Chris fires half a clip at her, which is quite a lot for one person, and hopes that this volley was enough to keep her from resurrection.

Umbrella Logo


Probably the last detail I want to talk about is the symbols of the Spencer family and Umbrella. In the trailer, we have repeatedly seen the symbols of the Spencer family in different variations. For example, a Victorian lady had something similar on her neck. We were also shown a new symbol of the fruit, which may be the primary source of the appearance of the Spencer logo, and subsequently Umbrella. So Resident Evil 8 will in many ways connect the events of the past and the present, significantly expanding the lore of this universe.

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