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Can I trust the ratings in the App Store and Play Market?


How do you rate the quality of the mobile application? How do you know if it's worth downloading or not?

Most likely, you are looking at reviews on social networks, listening to advice from friends, or studying ratings in the App Store and Play Market. If you base your opinion solely on ratings (as, however, most of us do), then most likely you are installing only those applications that hit the top.

Google and Apple Stores allow users to quickly rate app quality through a star rating system. For example, the Candy Crush Saga app in the Play Market is rated 4.4 stars. The game received a maximum rating of five stars from more than 14 million users, and only one million rated the game negatively, honoring it with only one star. This is a terrific rating with so many ratings.

But can this assessment be trusted? Maybe the application is not as good and useful as it seems at first glance?

First, let's figure out where the app store ratings come from.

Believe it or not, the truth is, many developers don't hesitate to buy reviews and ratings for popularity and high ratings. According to research, a new app can take several months to receive 100 comments and ratings. Of course, companies, especially beginners, are not ready to wait that long: after all, the application is ready, and you want profit here and now. Cheating is done through special services, where you can get money for a positive rating or comment. This is a risky business: if the fact of cheating is revealed, the developer's reputation will suffer, and his program will be removed for violating the rules.

Stores are trying to fight fake reviews. Sometimes they are mistakenly deleted and genuine ones if they do not meet certain criteria and arouse suspicion.

What to do if there are only fakes around?

There are 1.5 million APKs in the Google Play Store. It is one of the most competitive platforms for software developers. To be able to upload their application there, companies need to provide a lot of data about themselves. The data is verified, so there is no way for fraudsters to leave fake contact information. If you have any doubts about the high rating of the program, you can verify their authenticity as follows.

- Check out a few comments below the app. Any post that praises the game without mentioning the user experience is useless and is written for cheating.

- If you notice that several positive comments were posted on the same day, this is another sign of cheating . It means that on that day an order to write positive reviews appeared on some service, and several people completed it at once.

- Read reviews posted on third-party sites. Pay attention not only to the pluses of the application, but also to the minuses.

- Visit the developer's site if listed in the contacts. A presentable site that is regularly maintained is a sign of a serious company. There should be a dedicated section with app reviews, license information, registration details and company description.

- Download the app. There is no better way to assess the authenticity of reviews other than to download the app and test it yourself. Then you can leave your own review in the store. Try to write objectively and constructively. Often, developers take into account the wishes of commentators and include new useful features in the update. But how other users think your review is fake or believable is a completely different story.

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Author: Jake Pinkman