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The best TV shows of May 2020: New seasons


The end of spring is traditionally not rich in sequels, but generous in new projects. The premiere next month is expected through the roof. But we will talk about them in the next article, but for now we will focus on the best TV shows in May 2020, which will have new seasons.

And the main and most anticipated project of the third spring month, without any doubt, will be the premiere of the 5th season of the action-packed serial drama ...

Billions (Showtime)

Season 5, May 2, Saturday

Who does not know what a "Hedge Fund" is, we report. This is a company of enterprising and nimble-cunning nerds that help people invest their money in such a way as to get a good profit from them. By the way, there are such unfortunate hedge funds, entrusting money to which you can, on the contrary, go bankrupt. But this is not about the Alex-Capital fund, which is headed by one of the heroes of the series Bobby "Ax" Axelroyd.

Last but not least, the success of Aksa's company depends on the use of insider information. For those who are not aware of what "insider information" is, we report. In simple words, this is information about a particular company, merged by its employees to competitors or other interested parties for money.

In most progressive countries with developed market economies, the use of this kind of information is illegal. Yes, with the help of such information, some can get rich overnight, while those about whom this information was leaked can just as quickly burn out. But such chaos can lead both the economy and the financial system into complete chaos.

That's why the Attorney of the Southern District of New York City, Chuck Rhoads, decided to take on the fraudster Axelroyd and bring him to clean water. And the struggle between these two will flare up in earnest. The dirtiest methods will be used, including blackmailing with "insider information" from the family and simply personal life of opponents. And if you consider that the prosecutor is not averse to playing BDSM games with his wife, then ...

In general, see for yourself. There will be a thaw in this war, there will be truces. But at this stage, enmity flares up again between the two, which we will witness in the coming season.

Good Witch (Hallmark)

Season 6, Sunday May 3

Let's not say that the next series in May 2020 is exactly one of the best, but those who are delighted with family dramas will like it one hundred percent. And if we mention that, among other things, there is magic in the project, then the contingent of those wishing to join the multi-part fairy tale will increase even more.

The tale is about the family of the hereditary witch Cassie Nightingale. Her own daughter Grace, who is in high school, also inherited the gift of a "witch". In addition to Grace, the woman brings up her husband's two adult children from her first marriage - Brandon's stepson and Laurie's stepdaughter. The husband himself died in the line of duty. He was a police officer.

The town in which the family lives is small and in medical terms it may well be served by one single general practitioner. But such a medical specialist has long since got out of this hole for reasons of conflict with, indeed, a local healer, who, in terms of healing, was much more useful to the local people than his medical education.

And now, at the invitation of the mayor, a medical specialist again comes to the town, who will receive patients at the local clinic, which has noticeably decayed during the downtime. The doctor's name is Sam Radford, he also has a high school son named Nick, who is not all right with rational thinking, selfishness and conscience.

It is clear that the people, so hooked on herbal teas and other "healing potions" of Cassie Nightingale, are prejudiced towards conventional medicine. But not all diseases can be cured with these kinds of drugs. And sometimes surgical intervention is required. So the local witch doctor and the new therapist are simply written to cooperate.

As well as their children - bitchy Nick and the seer Grace.

Archer (FX)

Season 11 Wednesday May 6

Next on the list of the best TV series in May 2020 is the continuation of the animated television series for adults, which tells the story of the adventures of the once special agent, then the supercriminal, and then the comatose Sterling Archer.

Archer has seen a lot over the years of his espionage activities. Despite the fact that, in fact, he is an upstart who got into spy structures through the connections of his mommy, he sometimes shows good results. For the last three seasons, he was completely in a coma, in which he alternately found himself in the harsh 40s of the last century, then on an uninhabited island, similar to the one from the TV series "Lost", then generally on a spaceship.

But at the end of last season, Archer finally got out of his coma. I wonder what the fate of the former best ISIS agent will be drawn by the animators in the new chapter? Looking forward to it.

Shi-Ra and the Invincible Princesses (Netflix)

Season 5, Friday May 15

The main character of the next May TV series is Princess Adora, once abducted from the Kingdom of Eternity, who, honey, does not even know about her "roots". Raised her entire life in the Terror Zone, where the Horde rules everything, her eyes only opened up to the truth of things as she matured, completed her studies and, at the age of 16, prepared to become the captain of the Horde forces.

The series takes place in a distant galaxy, on a planet called Etheria. Further - in simple words. The planet is divided between good "forces" and evil. All kingdoms fighting the evil "Horde" act as good ones. Each good kingdom has its own "princesses" fighting the tyranny of the Zone of Fear.

Deciding to practice on the eve of her appointment as captain, Adora and her friend Katra get into the glider and go to enemy territory. On the way, Adora falls out of the glider. Shvarknuvshis on the ground, the girl turns off for a while and has a dream about how she finds a magic sword in a clearing of a fairy forest. A voice is heard in her mind, saying that, supposedly, the world needs a hero, and the balance of power, which is now on the side of the Horde, must be restored. Then she wakes up from the fact that her friend wakes her up. Of course, there is no sword in the clearing.

Back "to the base" Adora cannot calm down. After all, the sword was so real. Secretly, she decides to escape and once again look for him in the enemy forest. And, of course, he finds him. She also meets one of the princesses, Glimmer, and her friend the Gunslinger, who reveal to her the ugly truth about the Horde.

It is not hard to guess that she herself becomes the hero, about whom her voice flooded when she passed out. Taking a magic sword in her hands, she turns into Shi-Ru, the local protector of the disadvantaged, who, of course, piles on everyone.

Who cares about how Adora / Shi-Ra will restore the "balance of power" on Etheria, welcome to watch. The rest can be continued.

One Hundred (The SW)

Season 7 Wednesday May 20

Continuing the list of the best TV series in May 2020, this fantastic project is by far the most anti-scientific of all that has ever been filmed. The intensity of idiocy in the tape sometimes goes off scale to such an extent that it's just a matter of spitting. Everyone who went to school for at least a solid 4-ku has long ceased to watch this nonsense. But, as it turned out, there are not so many of those among the world's population.

The film is set in the future. Almost a hundred years have passed since the global nuclear war. Survivors all this time hung out in space, in low-earth orbit, at special stations. And now, after almost a century of such "chatting", when a couple of generations have changed among the survivors, their resources begin to run out. Life support systems are already on their way, so the "forced cosmonauts" decide to take a desperate step - they are preparing to send a reconnaissance group to Earth, which would find out what is going on there and how the radiation situation is there.

Of course, no one wants to become a scout voluntarily. And they decide to put together a group of hundreds of prisoners who are sitting in the local space jail. Supposedly, if they survive, then - everything is good. You can land on the planet and live happily again.

But a group of 100 frostbite after landing received not only fresh air and free walking, but also clashes with local aborigines who survived the global catastrophe, and also faced strange natural phenomena like yellow poisonous mists.

Why does the film seem to us complete nonsense? In fact, for many reasons. Everything in the picture is bursting at the seams, from which we conclude that the script for it was written by amateurs who are not friendly not only with physics and chemistry, but even with natural history.

Any sane person knows that radiation on a space station can kill just like on Earth. Even after an all-out nuclear war, you can find places on it where the radiation will be much less than in orbit.

Everyone on the spaceship looks plump, like they eat, at least at McDonald's. To maintain this form, they need to eat at least 3 kg of a variety of high-calorie foods (including drinks) per day. Thus, 1 person per year will need food 365X3=1095 kg, that is, a minimum ton. If they only have 100 prisoners at the station, then they have at least 1000 people (if every 10th they have a scoundrel).

But wait, in general, such a crowd will need 1000 tons of food per year! And for 100 years - 100 thousand tons! Has anyone seen in the movie space "plantations" to grow "food" on such a large scale? You don't have to fill in the pills, since the body produces much more new cells per day than this pill. But he still needs fuel for life and the work of organs.

We are generally silent about where everyone defecated all this time. If someone starts pouring in about the fact that feces and urine with other waste products can be dumped on the Earth, we will answer that they would not have enough containers for this business for a month, since for each such container it would be a "one way ticket" ... In 100 years, their stations would be flying in such a dense cloud of feces that the two-week incident described in the TV series "Avenue 5" would seem like a fairy tale.


And, the most interesting, where did all the people go after landing? The fact that only 50 people out of 1000 survived is unrealistic, given that in this universe you can land on a planet from space simply in the casing of an ordinary rocket, squeezed into it instead of a combat filling.

And this is just the beginning of Season 1. In general, who will be interested in watching the end of all this idiocy, welcome to the final chapter. There will be something to laugh at.

In the dark (The SW)

Season 2, Wednesday May 27

The next May 2020 series will continue the story of a blind woman named Murphy. Not only is she blind, but she also loves to tie it by the collar. Well, he does not shun casual sexual intercourse.

But despite the level of her "laxity", her conscience is in place. Therefore, when, quite by accident, she stumbles upon the corpse of her friend Tyson, who not so long ago saved her from a gang of street robbers, and the police write it off as a misunderstanding, she begins her investigation.

Yes. Going out to smoke at their agreed place, she actually found the guy's corpse. Only by the time the police arrived at the scene, someone had already hidden the body. The police worked their way, they say, no body - no case. The leader of the gang with which Tyson was hanging out also does not want to hear anything about the murder. According to him, the guy just left the city with his girlfriend.

Murphy had to investigate this case alone. Moreover, blindly. And the killer, oddly enough, was hanging around all this time. But the investigation did not end there. The second season is coming, in which a blind girl will have to launder money for the gangster. How will this happen? We will see you soon.

Rami (Hulu)

Season 2, May 30

The next series of May 2020 will interest, first of all, those who are interested in learning about the life of visiting Muslims in a country, most of which are Catholics. Although, this is not entirely correct. Rather, it is a discussion of how to preserve faith and traditions in the modern world, and whether it should be done at all.

This is shown on the example of a Muslim named Rami, who believes in Allah, but does not quite understand why Allah needs his clean feet and hands. According to him, if God wants to hear him, he will hear him even if he does not wash his feet before praying.

But go and prove it to a mentor, who would rather personally wash his feet than argue with him and prove something. But then what happens? Before praying, he is forced to wash his feet, not out of respect for Allah, not for himself, so that God would hear him better, but for a mentor, so that he feels good?

A paradox, and nothing else.


With this, our top best TV series of May 2020 has come to an end. See you next week at the top of the best series premieres. In the meantime, we will look forward to the decline of the pandemic and the opening of cinemas. Although, after the coronavirus wears off, it will be very difficult to get used to the fact that the surrounding audience does not pose any danger.

Enjoy your holidays and more cool movies and TV shows!

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