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Are computer games harmful?


For a long time, there has been an opinion that computer games are not only useless, but also seriously harmful to health. However, is it really so? Today we will try to figure it out.

For those who do not want to read the entire article: Games, like any entertainment, do not harm anyone by themselves, as well as playing sports and any other hobby. But if you live only one, games, then it will certainly hurt. Just as there are those who drink on holidays or with friends, along with those who drink too much every day. And all anti-scientific articles about the dangers of games are written by people who have not only played them, but in most cases have a vague idea of a computer.

Games are about schoolchildren

Many people think that video games are of interest only to schoolchildren, but this is not entirely true. The fact is that most gamers are adults who, like children, do not mind spending an hour or two playing their favorite computer game.

Each genre of the game evokes different emotions and affects the player in its own way, however, if you do not get too carried away with this matter and know when to stop, then in fact, video games can even benefit a person.

Do games really develop skills?

One of the most important features in some computer games is their ability to develop memory, orientation in space and other useful skills. These games are often referred to as “platformers”. They are characterized by heroes running on stairs, jumping on platforms, etc. An example of such a game is the world famous game Mario.

Games worsen eyesight?

It would seem one of the most unshakable statements - video games impair vision. However, according to the latest data from scientists from various American universities, such a genre of games as a "shooter" is able to develop in a person the ability to distinguish between very small parts and some shades of gray. This skill can assist drivers in driving.

Shooters are about murder, aren't they?

Yes - it is, but on the same TV it is much more.

Shooters have another advantage: the games of this plot develop different areas of the brain. Namely, the anterior cingulate cortex, frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. To an ordinary person, these names will not say absolutely nothing, so it is only necessary to note that these parts are responsible for the ability to perform many tasks at the same time and quickly switch from one activity to another without losing concentration and productivity. Even so, doctors do not recommend spending more than 5 hours a week on shooters.

Are farms in social networks also games?

Also, casual games are very popular today, they have a pleasant, friendly interface and simple rules. These games can relieve depression, while also being a great opportunity to kill time by standing in line or waiting for something.

Of course, there are other positive effects from computer entertainment, but this article has considered the main and most pronounced of them.

What's the bottom line?

Despite the fact that it was possible to identify a huge number of positive effects of the influence of video games on people, the most important rule is a moderate distribution of time for this leisure, otherwise there is a likelihood of addiction, which will indeed negatively affect the psycho-emotional and physical state of the player.

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Author: Jake Pinkman