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TOP 10 Best Exclusive Games on Playstation 4


Along with the triumphant release of the samurai thriller Ghost of Tsushima and the latest announced major exclusive for Playstation 4, we can responsibly draw a line under the library of Sony games over the past 7 years. All blockbusters and significant games released under the Playstation brand are already on the shelves and have added to various gaming collections. In addition, do not forget about the imminent release of new generation consoles, so it's time to take stock and choose the top 10 best exclusive games on Playstation 4.

Immediately, we note that by exclusive projects in this article we mean games that can be played exclusively on the PS4 console. The selection also did not include releases that had the status of temporary exclusives or are currently announced for release on other platforms.

10. Days Gone

Days Gone is notable for two things at once: the setting of a zombie apocalypse with a strong influence of the biker atmosphere and the level of technical execution that was simply catastrophic for Sony's internal projects, which made numerous critics almost bury the game on release. As a result, as practice has shown, there are practically no problems that developers fanatically devoted to their game and a dozen patches could not solve. Of course, after a year and a half, Days Gone is still unpleasantly surprised by a drop in frame rates, but overall it leaves the impression of a polished product.


The main win for the developers lies in the story that Days Gone tells. The writers almost completely escaped the minefield of the cliche on saving the world and presented a mundane plot for the court, concentrating on the relationship between people. The story turned out to be not ideal, but without controversial decisions and extremely cozy, which will be well complemented by two main features of the game: the need to fight against hordes of hundreds of zombies and the loyal iron horse of the protagonist, which requires care and refilling of the fuel tank.

9. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is easiest to define as the ultimate fun for the stressful 2020. Inspired by classic samurai films, Sucker Punch acts as a therapeutic tool, enveloping in enchanting music, immersing yourself in spectacularly picturesque landscapes that look like they’re out of the picture, and inviting you to get lost in the world of medieval Japan. The friendly atmosphere of the game is complemented by the absence of a mandatory grind, many time-saving mechanics and the ability to make a hokka while observing the surrounding beauties.


When you get tired of comprehending Zen and want action, the game will be able to fully satisfy your thirst for blood and a heroic deed, offering to put on samurai armor and clear the island of Tsushima from Mongol invaders. A tempting prospect that is hard to pass up, given the authentic wind-assisted navigation system and spectacular combat reminiscent of the deadly, cold samurai aesthetic of the dance of death.

8. Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man is a reference game that can almost always fend off the question of "what to play on the Playstation 4". And it doesn't matter so much whether the question comes from a layman buying the first PS4 games or from a hardcore gamer. Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is not just a big game under a recognizable license, but one of the best superhero games in history, second only to the Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady. Surprisingly beautiful, large-scale and effective so much that it makes you look with disdain towards the latest films about the "friendly neighbor".


Sony's game version of Spider-Man in particular is recommended for fans of Peter Parker comics. From the unforgettable sensations of the first flight on the web between skyscrapers and ending with New York filled with references to the Marvel Universe, almost every element of Marvel's Spider-Man gives it a real gift for fans of superheroes.

7. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

For more than 10 years, the Naughty Dog logo on the disc with the game is a 100% quality marker and an indication of a project that occupies high positions in all sorts of tops of the best games. This fate was not spared by the final chapter of the adventure series Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which puts an end to the adventures of Nathan Drake, which to this day remains one of the benchmarks of the adventure game.


Without trying to significantly change the formula of Uncharted, the developers in 4 parts cover the game with several thin layers of innovation. For example, thanks to a number of improvements, it was possible to bring the combat system to an exemplary quality and improve the research sections, introducing large-scale levels into the gameplay. Traditionally, it has not done without the gloss typical for developers in the form of a spectacular presentation and an outstanding level of graphics that can amaze even 4 years later. But the main and, in our opinion, the most pleasant innovation is a significantly matured story, which for the first time focuses on human relationships, instead of a search for a lost city that has set the teeth on edge.

6. Bloodborne

From Software's gothic masterpiece has managed to settle in many of the top games in history over the past 5 years, so if you haven't bought Bloodborne yet, now is the time to pay attention to it. Traditionally, the complex and unforgiving Action-RPG has managed to gain a reputation as a hardcore project "for its own". For gamers who are able to get pleasure from suffering during repeated replay of battles and a fairly abstract plot, which in its form of presentation resembles a mosaic of disparate elements.

Given the fairly high entry threshold, it's easy to miss one of the best Sony Playstation 4 exclusives, Bloodborne, but we still recommend giving it a try. Primarily for the unique atmosphere of an all-consuming nightmare, which is globally expressed in the ubiquitous gothic architecture and a dark soundtrack. However, the developers work on much more subtle levels, filling the city of Yharnam with the noise of gurgling monsters, the chomping of disfigured creatures and the muttering of mentally devastated people. Bloodborne is a tough and scary journey that will definitely impress.

5. The Last Guardian

Fumito Ueda's games are always a unique gaming experience and an exquisitely executed dramatic story. The Last Guardian does not deviate from traditions and offers to live a few days in the boy's life, where his only companion will be the man-eating animal Trico. Finding a common language with the giant creature and with him get out of the walls of the ancient castle - the main goal of the adventure.


And as much as we hate to praise The Last Guardian, calling this pearl of the industry one of the best games for Playstation 4, it's hard not to ignore the many problems that have plagued the game since release. Catastrophically low frame rate, Trico, who, like a real animal, sometimes does not understand what you expect from him from the tenth time, as well as other problems can somewhat cloud the game. But we strongly advise against skipping The Last Guardian, otherwise you risk missing the opportunity to visit the inside of a Japanese fairy tale that evokes strong associations with the works of Hayao Miyazaki.

4. Persona 5 Royal

Let's continue the top 10 best games on Playstation 4 with another project, for which the responsible Japanese developers - Persona 5 Royal. “Best JRPG Ever”, “Most Significant Sony Playstation 4 Exclusive” and other laudatory odes have surrounded Atlus's RPG epic for 3 years. We, in turn, can agree with the overwhelmingly positive reviews for Persona 5 and recommend it for purchase, even to those players who have always avoided Japanese RPGs.


The only thing, before starting, we advise you to be ready to carve out at least 100 hours of free time to go through, have at least minimal knowledge of the English language and be ready for a story about gifted adolescents who study at school during the day, and in their free time reveal conspiracies and accomplish feats ... If you agree on all parameters, then welcome to the game version of Tokyo, which is always waiting for new heroes. We also note that despite the higher price, give preference to the significantly improved version of the game - Persona 5 Royal.

3. The Last of Us Remastered

Over the past decade, so much has been said about The Last of Us that I don't want to repeat once again how significant the first part of post-apocalyptic survival-action was for the industry. It would seem that the game does not have an outstanding plot or variable gameplay, but it is still surprising how organically the developers managed to combine all the details of the game, making them work like a single organism.


Take the same plot - the story of a man Joel and a little girl Ellie wandering through apocalyptic America, with the exception of a couple of moments, cannot boast of something special. But as always with Naughty Dog, the most important thing is how the story is told, and therefore, thanks to high-quality directing and the logical development of the characters' characters, numerous gamers have actually managed to become related to the main characters. It echoes the plot and gameplay - without any revelations, but pleasing with spectacular brutality and offering little scope for tactics at high difficulty levels.

2. The Last of Us Part II

The best thing about the quality of The Last of Us Remastered says, oddly enough, the recently released second part of the game, which, by a number of scenario decisions, made thousands of fans of the original burn with a bright flame. On the other side of the scale are rave reviews from critics and numerous reviews from players who are generous in praising the second part of the famous game. Given such polarizing opinions, does The Last of Us Part II deserve a second place in the Top 10 Best Playstation 4 Exclusives?


Yes. At least in the top of the best games TLOU2 justifiably gets already due to the outstanding level of technical and design work carried out on the game. For 25-30 hours, it continuously pleases with unique locations and innovations that refresh the gameplay. But the script and its implementation in the game, which became a bone of contention in the gaming industry, deserves the most attention. The ambitious, risky and violent plot of screenwriters Neil Druckmann and Halle Gross can be loved, it can be hated, but you should definitely evaluate it yourself, and not blindly trust other people's opinions.

1. God of War

The God of War reboot is expected to climb to the top spot of the best Playstation 4 games. As if, in contrast to TLOU2, he does not try to surprise with unexpected plot twists or over-complicate the scenario, and even as if slightly ashamed of violence, God of War tries to please as many people as possible. The plot with the next version of the eternal conflict of "Father and Children", the gameplay that has adopted the structure of the game world like Metroidvania and following numerous modern trends makes "God of War" a game for everyone. And that's good.


Every element of the game, including even the ideas peeped by other developers in the "God of War" are made at the highest level and reworked in their own, sometimes even unique way. It's actually easy to see why God of War is so compelling, but watching the spectacular battles, solving the mysteries of the harsh world, framed in phenomenal graphics and a great soundtrack, it's hard not to fall for the game's charm. Definitely the best PS4 exclusive and still the top reason to buy a console from Sony.

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