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A new console in the Playstation series is officially in development


A new console in the Playstation series is officially in development - a fact that has been impossible to dispute over the past years. The release of Sony's Playstation 4 Pro just postponed the imminent arrival of the Next-Gen generation of gaming and the release of the Playstation 5, which, in addition to the increased resolution, should surprise, bring new experiences and become a new chapter in the history of computer entertainment. And finally, Sony has surrendered - today in an exclusive material for Wired, Playstation's head of architecture, Mark Cerny, spoke in detail about the Playstation 5 and mentioned the timing of the next generation console.

Immediately, we note that Cerny was in no hurry to call the console "Playstation 5" familiar to the gaming ear, in his speech he called the console "Playstation of a new generation". Therefore, we will not exclude the possibility that by the time of the official announcement of the console, the new PS will lose the number from the title and will receive a unique name. It should be borne in mind that we are talking about a new generation device, a real revolution in gaming, and not about a slightly modernized cross-gene in the manner of PS4 Pro. For now, we will call the console in the classic way - Playstation 5.

When reviewing the characteristics of the next generation Playstation, let's pay attention to the most important part of the console - the processor. Sony will continue its partnership with AMD and ordered a special eight-core processor from the AMD Ryzen line, based on the 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. A video card, a new solution based on the Radeon Navi architecture, has been chosen to match the powerful processor. The main advantage of the video chip is in the full-fledged implementation of the ray tracing technology, which is currently available only in a few PC projects and is implemented with significant restrictions. Another advantage of the powerful stuffing PS5 - support for high resolution, up to 8K.


But you shouldn't think that Sony is planning to revolutionize only graphics technology among game consoles. Mark Cerny noted that as a gamer he was greatly upset by the situation when, despite the development of graphics, the sound quality on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 remained at a similar level. This omission is promised to be corrected in the PS 5, which will acquire a special chip responsible for processing 3D sound. Cerni promises an even more immersive gaming experience with the new audio processing system without the need for a multi-channel audio system. Almost all the benefits of the updated sound in games on the Next-Gen set-top box can be felt even from the TV speakers.

But Cerny does not call the support of Ray Tracing technology, 8K resolution in games, or even 3D sound the main advantage of Playstation 5. According to Mark Cerny, replacing the internal storage from HDD to SDD will be the most revolutionary solution of the new generation console. By using a solid-state drive, it will be possible to speed up the loading of data from the hard disk many times over and thereby eliminate two well-known problems of modern games - the loading of objects when moving around the game world and loading between locations. An example is the time it took to fast travel in last year's Marvels hit Spider-Man. On PS4 Pro, the download speed was about 15 seconds, when the PS5 dev kit was able to cope with this task in just 0.8 seconds.

It is noted that SDD for Sony's Next-Gen console is being developed using a fundamentally new technology and has the highest bandwidth even in comparison with premium SDD for PC, which cost more than Playstation 4 Pro.


Questions about PS VR improvements Cerny declined to comment, but noted that the virtual reality segment is still important for Sony and the Japanese media giant is going to develop it further. At the same time, recent rumors about a backward compatibility system have been officially confirmed, which is why on PS5, if desired, you can play games from previous generations of the console. Separately, Cerny mentioned the launch games and said that at the time of the console's release, numerous exclusive projects from Sony will appear in different versions on PS4 and PS5.

No release date for the Sony Playstation 5 has been announced, but Mark Cerny assured that the console is definitely not worth waiting for in 2019. Our option is the fall of 2020, which looks as logical as possible and is confirmed by numerous insiders.

You can find out more about Playstation 5 in our separate article, where we have collected all the rumors and insights currently known about the new console from Sony. By the way, Cerni has already confirmed most of the rumors collected in the article.

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Author: Jake Pinkman