Insider # 10.02: glass iPhone; Xiaomi Mi10 Lite; Redmi K30 Pro; 5G Nokia Railroad (Topic)

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Insider # 10.02: glass iPhone; Xiaomi Mi10 Lite; Redmi K30 Pro; 5G Nokia Railroad


The tenth edition of the February Insider will consist of four news blocks. First, let's discuss Apple's new patent for a glass smartphone. Then we will find out some of the nuances of the Xiaomi Mi10 Lite and Redmi K30 Pro devices. Finally, we will tell you about Nokia's intentions to create an autonomous railroad with 5G functionality.

Americans are thinking about developing an iPhone with an all-glass body

Not so long ago, our resource talked about the creation by Xiaomi of the Mi MIX Alpha smartphone, which had a glass case.


Recently it became known that Apple has a similar development. This confirms the receipt of a patent by the company for the creation of "Electronic device with a glass body". It contains a description of a device that could surely compete with devices with folding screens.

The document contains a sketch of an Apple smartphone, all six sides of which are made of glass.


One of the sides is the main display here. At the same time, there are suggestions that the smartphone will look like a monolithic glass product, even if it is assembled from several separate parts. Almost certainly it will not have physical buttons, and their functions will be performed by the sidewalls or the back panel. They will be made touch sensitive or just pressure sensitive.

Such a smartphone, according to the Yabloko's plans, will receive a number of functions that are not available for devices with today's form factor. For example, it is possible to install another display on the rear panel that can also display content like the main screen. The interface of such a device will be streamlined, which will allow you to distribute the icons of programs and applications in different parts of the smartphone.

Any of the applications can be stretched over the entire body of the product if necessary.

However, so far all this is only speculation, since we are talking about a patent. Earlier, our portal has repeatedly noted that all creative ideas can remain on paper. Not the fact that the design of the device will remain the same. It can be improved or radically changed. Users can only wait for the imminent appearance of an all-glass iPhone.

The first images of Xiaomi Mi10 Lite appeared on the web

Not so long ago, Xiaomi Mi10 and Mi 10 Pro smartphones were announced. Versions about the imminent release of a light version of this line immediately appeared. After analyzing all the leaks, the designers created an image of the Mi10 Lite device.


They speculated that the device would be significantly different from the more advanced versions of the series. It will receive a different form factor for the main camera. The hardware will also change.

The selfie camera is expected to be embedded in the model's display. The main module will be equipped with three sensors and shifted to the center of the rear panel. Its round shape works well for this.

It is not yet known on which platform the Xiaomi Mi10 Lite will be assembled. Most likely, it will receive one of three Snapdragon 720G, 730G or 765G chipsets. RAM will be 6 or 8 GB.

In the camp of the Chinese manufacturer, this information is not commented on. So far there is no news about the Lite version of Mi10 from there.

It is possible that Redmi K30 Pro will differ from the regular version with a pop-up selfie camera

On February 20, the official information from Redmi about the imminent appearance of the K30 Pro model appeared on the network. The regular version of the device was released in January this year.

In a published message, one of the managers of the Chinese developer was interested in the opinion of users on the form factor of the front camera. Most of them spoke in favor of a block with a retractable mechanism.


This does not mean anything yet. Now there is no data on what kind of camera this device will have. It remains only to wait a little to find out everything from the next leaks or from the company officials.

Nokia plans to equip railways in Germany with fifth generation networks

The railway industry is constantly evolving. Specialists from USA Railways are working on a new type of reserved seat carriage and technologies that contribute to the high-quality equipment of the train interiors.

Nokia has decided to contribute to the process of improving rail transportation by creating an autonomous rail transportation system using 5G equipment.

To this end, the Finnish electronics manufacturer has signed an agreement with the Deutsche Bahn brand. They intend to jointly develop an automated system for rail transportation using the capabilities of 5G technology.

This project is called "Hamburg Digital Light Rail". Germany has a federal program for the automation of rolling stock, of which it has become a part.

Nokia has accumulated extensive experience in building high-tech networks. It is now actively cooperating with more than 110 transportation operators (among them there are representatives of the metro).

The first "5G line", 21 kilometers long, should be operational in 2021. It will have access to the cars for the analysis of their technical condition and filling. Nokia's infrastructure will be used to process all information.

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