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Top 30 Best Fantasy Films of 2019: Part 3


While some believe in fairy tales about the fact that the coming of the coronavirus was predicted by Wanga herself, and that anything at all can be "predicted" and not "predicted" or " suppose ", we present the top 30 best films of the fantasy genre of 2019, that is, a set of the same fairy tales, only invented by writers or screenwriters.

Why not believe them too? After all, they are so funny, interesting, exhaustive and filmed so believable? Not like Vanga's dry and vague statement, which can be interpreted in any way.

21. What Men Want (USA) 5.82

Begins the third part of the top best fantasy films of 2019, a kind of response to the 2000 Nancy Myers comedy "What Women Want" with the participation of the famous Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. Only with Adam Shankman, everything turned out not so interesting.

First of all, because the topic is already familiar. The only difference is that this time it is not the man who hears the woman's thoughts, but vice versa. In this case, Ali Davis, who is in charge of the management of sports stars, was the one who got it. It is not entirely clear why she is drawn to baseball and why she wants to work only with male stars. Apparently, they make money, nevertheless, more than women, no matter how feminist supporters rush about with their ubiquitous tolerant equality.

She is very disturbed by the fact that she is a woman. Men trust men managers more and all this, apparently, due to the fact that men know what men themselves want. And from above she was given a gift - to hear the thoughts of men. Now she is fully prepared to face off against the managers from among the stronger sex in an equal fight.

Pretty commonplace. But just a glance will do.

22. Awakening Conscience 2: Gift of the Serpent (Denmark, Czech Republic) 5.80

The next fantasy film is a sequel to the first one, released in 2015, and tells about the girl Dinah, who inherited the gift of awakening conscience in people on her maternal side. She can look into a person's insides and touch his strings so that he will feel uncomfortable with what was done or planned, if it has a negative character.

Thanks to her gift in the last part, Dina was able to unravel the conspiracy, the purpose of which was to overthrow the current government and seize the throne. In this part, the matured Dina faces an equally difficult task: to unite the local clans in order to repel the attack of a common enemy, sowing confusion and discord throughout the district.

It all started with the fact that Dina met a mysterious stranger in the forest, a magician nicknamed the Black Master, who called himself her father and with whom she went to rescue her brother and the royal prince from enemy captivity, who, among many, are forced to plow in the local villains from the clan of the serpent.

A distinctive feature of these quarries is that those who are exhausted are fed here by the local monster that lives in the bay. And soon, apparently, it will be the turn of Dina's loved ones to become breakfast for the sea monster.

23. Hellboy (USA, UK, Canada, Bulgaria) 5.80

Next in our top 30 best fantasy films for 2019 is a picture that was supposed to be a reboot of the well-known franchise, shot on the basis of a well-known comic book, but in a well-known way failed at the box office.

Below we will describe another "successor" of King Arthur in the fight against magical dark fairies. But if that gets into the enemies of Morgan, then the local Hellboy, suspiciously similar to the sheriff from "Stranger Things", will have to brush off Nimue with Excalibur, suspiciously similar to Leela from "The Fifth Element" and Alice from the "Resident Evil" franchise.

Once upon a time, King Arthur personally dealt with the Bloody Queen. Having cut her body into five pieces with Excalibur and placed them in boxes, he ordered them to be buried in different parts of the world. Why not burn her body along with the tree into which she "threw" her blood, or decompose the whole thing with acid, or, at least, chop her flesh into a thousand pieces, so that whoever tries to collect it takes longer - history is silent. But what's done is done.

In our time, by a lucky coincidence for Nimue and an unfortunate coincidence for all mankind, Hellboy offended the bull-headed Gruagah, after which he decided to take revenge on the offender. He began to collect the severed pieces of Nimue together to finally send Hellboy to the next world with her help.

For obvious reasons, Nimue will promise you anything to get to power herself. And she would have got it, if not for the damn Excalibur again, which Hellboy himself will operate this time.

Domestic Baba Yaga deserves a separate plus, which by the end of the film never completely threw back her hooves, but came running to complain to Kashchei the Immortal. It is a pity that we will not see the continuation with his participation, due to the low box office receipts of the starting part.

24. Zombie Baby (France) 5.70

The next picture of our top of the best fantasy films of 2019 will take us into the world of Haitian Voodoo. The story runs in parallel in two timelines. One tells how in 1962 the secret society of Voodoo Izang made zombies out of people and forced them to work on sugar cane plantations for free.

We are shown a certain priest who prepares a certain powder, which is poured into the shoes for the next victim. The victim, some middle-aged man, wearing shoes, walks several hundred meters, after which he falls onto the pavement, safely throwing away his hooves.

Next comes the funeral. Everyone is crying and grieving. Only those rejoice who, having dug the poor man out of the grave with the coming of night, will join the hordes of the same zombie who will plow their uncle for food from now on.

It turns out that the potion poured into the shoes did not kill our man. It simply slowed down the processes in his body to such an extent that he was declared dead. Later, the rescued from the coffin was fed something, after which his body regained functionality, but not memory. The memory of a zombie can return only when he eats something from meat, or tastes the taste of salt again.

That's what our man did. And having done this, he dumped far away from his employers.

Also, in parallel, there is a narration of the events developing in our time. The tale is about a new student of one of the Parisian elite lyceums - a Haitian named Melissa, to whom the old man is a grandfather. About her mother, who is, in a sense, a "voodoo specialist" and Melissa's new girlfriend, Fanny, who wants to become a zombie of her own accord.

What the next zombie rite will lead to, only Dambala - the Great Serpent knows. Yes, to those who see this masterpiece to the end.

25. Over (NOT) natural (Ireland, Belgium, UK, Finland) 5.68

The next fantasy film from the category of "Scarecrow" by Peter Jackson. Once upon a time in Ireland there lived an interesting guy who hosted a program about the paranormal, specializing mainly on ghosts and the spirits of the dead. In all, he himself communicated well with local "poltergeists", since such abilities were inherited by his daughter.

But Rose, in her 40s, flatly refuses to engage in exorcism, and trades in part-time as a private driving instructor. She doesn't even want to think about returning to her father's business, although letters regularly come to her address with requests for help.

In her years, she is still not married, and this cannot but cause concern. After all, this awkward person, like everyone else, wants a normal life and relationships, and therefore she nevertheless responded to the cry for help from one handsome widower. Togo gets the deceased wife. Her ghost simply does not give him a pass, and Rose decides to get him out of the house for a fee.

An unusual style of narration, non-standard actors and peculiar jokes associated with “invisible spirits” give the film a special charm. Despite such a relatively low rating, believe me, there will be something to smile at, and more than once.

26. Small (USA) 5.66

There are many fantasy films in which children suddenly magically grow up. Chief among these is Big (1988), starring Tom Hanks, although there are occasional fast-growing superheroes such as DC's Shazam. There are an order of magnitude less young people. And that is exactly what the next fantasy story belongs to.

The main character Jordan Sanders is simply disgusting. As a child, everyone bullied and teased her, as a result of which she vowed to evil everyone to become a successful business woman, which would be a kind of revenge on all the losers from whom she suffered at school.

No sooner said than done. At 32, Jordan is the head of a successful company, drives an expensive sports car, lives in a luxury hotel. But there is one "but". She became a notorious bitch. At work, everyone hates and fears her, and her main assistant relaxes by dreaming of how to sew her boss.

But somehow a little girl became a witness of her "malignancy", who wished her that she would again become a petty asshole. And voila. The next day, Jordan wakes up in the body of a 13-year-old schoolgirl. What to do now, when in a day you need to conclude a deal of the century, and you are stuck in the body of a petty fool?

Moreover, the only one who really understands that her real boss is in this body is her assistant, whom she bullied all the time ...

27. The Secret of the Dragon Seal (USA, China) 5.60

Next in our top 30 best fantasy films is the picture, which is the main disappointment of the past film year. Neither Jackie Chan nor Arnold Schwarzenegger, specially invited to play their ridiculous and caricatured roles, saved the picture.

The tape is a continuation of the 2014 feature film Wii, in which the cartographer Jonathan Green with his fifth wheel faced the mystical component of Mother USA (to be precise, Little USA). From the local werewolf Cossacks and the many-eyed monster, whom the local witches called Viy, he carried away with his feet. There was no time for cartography.

And here is a new story, and new problems. Immediately upon arrival at the courtyard, he, doubting the "authenticity" of the USA tsar, was thrown into the dungeons by Menshikov, from which he was rescued by the will of fate by the British Ambassador Charles Whitworth, who received a letter from the bride's father Green.

Menshikov, in order to remove Green, who doubts the "authenticity" of the tsar, further away, instructs him to map the eastern borders of USA, while at the same time giving an order to get him killed immediately as soon as he leaves Moscow. But during the attack, Green was rescued by a strange and suspicious Chinese man Chen Lan, who, at his request, was also released from prison, and whom Green took as a companion.

At this time, Green's bride comes to the Tower of London, in which the real Peter I languishes, in order to inquire with the Prison Commandant about a prisoner who calls himself the USA Tsar. Her visit made it possible for Peter I to escape, not without the help of a Chinese cellmate, a master of martial arts, who, in revenge for his salvation, ordered the king to find a certain Chen Lan and give him the dragon seal, which he had found in the "museum" of the prison commandant, who was avid for ancient relics and artifacts.

Oddly enough, the king, who escaped to freedom, did not go to USA to overthrow and kill the impostor and his entourage, but to China, in search of Chen Lan. Green's bride followed him there. Apparently, Green himself is moving there, with his big-titted (as it turned out) Chen Lan sitting on the roof of the carriage.

And all of them will inevitably meet at the cave of the dragon, who fell asleep under the weight of his uncut and ever-growing eyelashes to fight the army of the Two-Faced Witch. What does the dragon and the two-faced witch have to do with it?

Yes. The script is too tricky. To understand something, you have to look a couple of times. Although, we barely had enough for the first one. If it were not for duty, we would have sent this idiotic masterpiece to hell.

28. Born to Be King (UK, USA) 5.56

This picture, which is also lucky to be included in the top thirty films of the fantasy genre of 2019, is from the category of those where certain abilities are transferred to the main characters along the family tree and are activated only at the right time. In particular, here, as in the previous "Hellboy", we are talking about the ability of King Arthur (and his successor) to possess and operate the sword Excalibur, uniting the Knights of the Round Table under his leadership.

For all the past 14 centuries, this ability has been unclaimed, and the need for it has arisen only in our time, when somewhere in the underworld the main enemy of Camelot, the dark fairy Morgan, has stirred. The concern for the protection of humanity about the dark army, of course, fell on the shoulders of a distant blood relative of King Arthur. There was no need to take DNA tests. Although, who knows how the handle of the ancient sword of Excalibur is arranged. Maybe a similar scanner is built into it. Otherwise, how will he recognize the one who deserves him?

Oddly enough, Arthur's blood in our time, for some reason, flows only in the veins of a 12-year-old teenager, a student of one of the British schools. Not his mom, dad, grandfather, cousins, second cousins and other relatives, namely, with him. And, oddly enough, the Excalibur sword was found inside a block of piles (or supports) of the ruins of a building that was built around relatively recently.

A boy named Alex was once again forced to run away from school bullies, and his feet themselves brought him to some construction site, where in one of the concrete blocks he found the aforementioned Excalibur, which he immediately pulled out without straining. Having pulled it out, he rushed home with all his might.

The next day, another new kid is announced at school, the "youth" reincarnation of Merlin. He revealed to poor Alex his mission, to which he reacted very ambiguously, but after some thought he decided that the task was within his reach.

But who should you recruit as a knight? Really their recent offenders and bullies? Not local nerds?

29. Valhalla: Ragnarok (Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden) 5.21

What follows is a fantasy film based on Germanic-Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla, Asgard and whose gods are, in our opinion, the worst of those that can be imagined in principle.

In short, two bros from among the gods - Thor and Loki, of some kind, pushed themselves onto the Earth of mortals for some unknown deeds and, bursting into the dwelling of a commoner in order to spend the night there, began to regale the mortals with one of the their goats, on which they arrived. Thor warned that you can only eat meat, but you cannot break bones. In the morning, he will gather the bones in a heap and, with the help of magic, grow meat on them again, after which the goat will come to life again and become like new.

But the son of a commoner named Tjalfe, at the instigation of the insidious Loki, broke one of the bones. Loki hung him noodles that the one who tasted the goat bone marrow would become a strong and brave guy. The guy did not become strong and gallant, but he angered Thor with his actions. When he brought the draft goat back to life, he saw that he was limping, as one of his bones was broken. For this, the angry god took Tjalfe to his service in Asgard (again, at the instigation of Loki). But, as it turned out later, his sister Ruskva also hid in the cart of the gods, who really wanted to go with her brother.

These two will have to go through the whole of Ragnarok in order to help Thor uncover the insidious plans of his traitorous brother Loki, to defeat Fenrir and the army of jotuns. Without these two mortals, of course, the whole mother Earth would have come to a skiff.

The plot of the film, in our opinion, is nowhere dumber. We will not go into a lengthy analysis of inexplicable absurdities, so as not to reveal the whole plot. Let's pay attention only to the three incidents revealed to us at the very beginning:

  • Why did the gods descend to Earth over the rainbow bridge this time? Judging by the fact that they went back to Asgard the next morning, they came here specifically to just feed some people with their own goat. Complete nonsense.
  • Why did the rainbow bridge take them directly to their destination in the event of arrival, and in the case of the return journey to this rainbow bridge, they had to push the cart for a long time?
  • It is very strange that the gods, who do not put mortals in anything, decided to feed them with their own goat, and it is just as strange that they, not knowing these commoners, decided to believe them that they would not break a single one at dinner. goat bone.
  • It is very strange that Thor can grow meat with skin and wool on boiled-fried-steamed goat bones and, having stuffed the animal's body with entrails and other organs, make it all work again, but he cannot grow some bone.
  • What prevents Torah not to constantly eat his goat, just carry a couple of goat bones with him and, if necessary, build meat on them?
  • Why not kill Fenrir when they found out he was dangerous? Why keep a potentially dangerous creature alive on a chain, expecting some idiot to free it and use it for his own purposes? This says a lot about the smart and rational thinking of the local gods.

We were also very much surprised by the decoration of the ancestral castle of the gods in Asgard, which shows that the local gods are no better than people. What is the point of calling mere mortals "commoners" and "rabble" if you yourself differ from them only in that you live a long time, but you have more strength. You all live in the same sump. By the way, people have better and cleaner homes.

And this is just the beginning. Only the very, very fans of the genre who do not pay attention to the contradictions of the plot will be able to watch this nonsense. Unfortunately, we are not given such “magic abilities”.

30. Abigail (USA) 5.14

Our top-30 best films of the fantasy genre of 2019 are completed by a domestic fairy-tale film, which takes place in a fictional universe in the world of people who speak USA, but have English names. And it would be possible not to pay attention to this incident if the picture was based on the work of some Western writer. But the script was written from the head, and by USA scriptwriters ...

But these same "USA scriptwriters" stole from the West not only the names of the heroes. The whole plot was conscientiously plucked from Western works.

Events are developing in a state fenced off from the rest of the world by a certain "border". The construction of this very border here is considered the starting point of time reckoning. It all begins in the 96th year after the creation of the border, when the dad of the main character, seven-year-old Abigail, is taken by special services that control the spread of some infectious disease. Allegedly, the father was infected with it and was subject to either deportation abroad, or even destruction.

In 104, after the creation of the border, the situation in the "fenced off world" escalated sharply. The number of "infected" people increased, which is why the authorities, with the help of a special service, dressed in masks, inspectors, were constantly forced to test people for the presence of "infection".

According to them, at the first stage, only a special device can detect the disease. In the second stage, symptoms appear - fever and dizziness, in the third - fever and hallucinations, but no one survives until the third stage, since patients are detected even before the second stage begins and painlessly euthanized, like animals.

Once during the games, Abigail managed to run into an inspector, as a result of which his mask fell off. The girl was stunned to recognize him as Uncle Roy, who was then taken away with her father. From him, she learns that her father may still be alive. And embarks on adventures in order to find him. With the help of the same Uncle Roy, whom she threatened with blackmail, the girl sneaks into the territory of the residence of the security department and gets into the trunk of the car of Ethan's father's former partner Blake, who is going to the deportation zone. But on the way, the car is stopped by the rebels and, threatening Blake with a weapon, they take a whole car of their people into the zone.

A mess begins, and in the hustle and bustle, Abigail manages to sneak out of the trunk to meet new adventures and the secrets of a global conspiracy that she will have to uncover.


This concludes our top 30 best fantasy films of 2019.

Anything that goes on is not worth our attention, just as the artsy and playful rehash of the musical "Cats" of 1998, in which the showrunners of the project had little to deprive poor animals of their genitals, is not worth our attention. and cover the anus with them.

Next week we will meet in the top of the best comedies of 2019, but for now, good health, funny quarantine and more cool movies and TV shows!

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