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Image Despite the loud failure of last year's blockbuster "Ghostbusters", the bosses of leading Hollywood studios continue to show interest in projects in which famous male movie heroes are replaced by the fair sex. Only next year, Danny Ocean's fighting friends and inveterate fraudsters will go to theaters. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that at the moment another high-profile remake is being prepared in Hollywood, the main find of which will be the sex change of the central character.

Paramount is ready to begin producing What Men Want, which will use the main plot points of the romantic comedy What Women Want. Nancy Myers' original film starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt was released in 2000. The film did not cause much enthusiasm among critics, but was able to earn more than $ 374 million at the worldwide box office with a production budget of $ 70 million.


Rumors that Paramount was considering the idea of creating a remake of the Nancy Myers tape appeared back in 2009. Cameron Diaz could have become the main star of the romcom, but the studio management did not dare to give the project the green light. It seemed that the script would remain gathering dust on the shelf, but now the owners of the studio have decided to start implementing it.

The comedy will be produced by one of the Hollywood major's subsidiaries - Paramount Players. The main role in the film went to Taraji P. Henson. The Oscar nominee will have to embody the image of a specialist representing the interests of young athletes. The heroine Henson is always ahead of other sports agents, but everything changes on the day when she acquires an amazing ability to read the minds of men ...


The world premiere of What Men Want is scheduled for January 11, 2019.

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