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How to improve your productivity in Word


In the modern world, there is simply nowhere without the ability to use standard office programs. Whoever you work and whatever you are fond of - the need to use an office suite from Microsoft will arise by itself. And this is not surprising, because the mentioned product is one of the leaders in the world of computer software. Moreover, part of the MS Word package is one of the most used programs in the whole world.

Of course, you think you know absolutely everything about how to use a standard word processor. But no. In fact, Microsoft Office Word hides several useful features that you probably don't even know about. So, this article will focus on tricks that will make your word processor easier, as well as tricks you don't know about.

Quick launch of the program

The best place to start is with a fairly quick method of starting the program. If you don't want to pollute your desktop with shortcuts, use the start tab or create a new document every time with the right mouse button, you can train yourself to open MS Word in a not quite standard way, namely through the Run function, which is built into Windows. At first glance, it may seem that this option is long and not convenient. This is not true. Over time, you will get used to it and want to run other programs in the same way.

Photo Press Windows + R and enter winword

In order to quickly start working with Word, you must press the key combination "Windows + R". Thus, you will open the line "Run", in which you will need to enter "winword". After that, the program will start immediately, and you can feel like a hacker, albeit a little.

Disable Start Screen

I don't know about you, but I am a little annoyed by the startup screen of the program with templates, which appears every time it starts. In order to remove it and immediately start working, the user must disable it manually by going to the specified path:File > Options > General.


Uncheck the box next to the item highlighted in the screenshot and start working immediately after launch.

Remove double spaces

A problem for those who poorly follow the pressing of this key. By the way, a double space is a sign of poor quality text. Nevertheless, everyone can make a mistake of this nature. To fix it, go to the "Replace" tab and put a space twice in the "Find" line, and once in the "Replace" line. Confirm your action by clicking on "Replace all".

"If your work requires high quality texts, then the absence of double spaces is a mandatory attribute of quality work."


Take screenshots right in Word

If you are working on a report, presentation, or other type of work that requires illustrated tips, you can use the built-in function of Word itself. To do this, follow the path:Insert > Snapshot.

Word will automatically detect running programs and offer you to take a screenshot of them. By the way, you can cut out a certain part of the screen, if necessary.

Photo Insert > Snapshot

Connect autosave

Everyone may have unforeseen circumstances, which may result in the loss of unsaved material. And even though the AutoSave function is automatically enabled in MS Word, the interval between them can be more than 10 minutes.

A logical action in case your system is unstable or the quality of the power network is poor - to reduce the interval to one minute. This can be done using the "Saving" settings item.

“For example, I have a not very stable computer that can turn off at any moment, and my work is indirectly related to a set of texts. In my case, autosave is a lifesaver. ”

Photo Enable autosave document every minute

Enter text anywhere in the document

An extremely useful function that allows you to get rid of the endless fuss with spaces and the "Enter" key. In order to start typing at any point in the document, you just need to double-click the LMB while hovering the cursor to the required place.

"Useful when the user needs to make small callouts that explain some parts of the text."


By using all these features, you will not only increase your productivity in Word but also improve the quality of your texts.

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Author: Jake Pinkman