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The most difficult bosses in games


Bossfight in any game is like the core of a watermelon. The most juicy and desirable part where you have to be challenged so that you can use all your accumulated skills. Alas, this very watermelon often comes with a surprise, and after it you will not feel very good. Sometimes the developers make too strong bosses, from the battle with which we will only suffer.

Of course, there are hardcore players who are used to playing on hard difficulty or playing Dark Souls on guitar from Guitar Hero, but even for them, sometimes, there are unbearable boss fights. And it's not worth talking about casual players who first sat down to play.

Although sometimes, bosses are difficult for the reason that they are simply not finished and this is a hundred times worse.

In her new video, Alice has collected 10 of the most difficult bosses in games. They don't just challenge you, on the contrary, they force you to throw your gamepad at the screen, for these fights require incredible concentration, skill and a supply of nerves.

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Author: Jake Pinkman