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Why do demons cry? History of the Devil May Cry Series


Each entertainment channel has its own defender against evil spirits. Comic pages are guarded by John Constantine. The TV screens are protected by the Winchester brothers from "Supernatural", and we gamers are covered by Dante from the Devil May Cry company - a half-man-half-demon who loves to cut the hellish spawn with his sword without forgetting to joke. For the release of the fifth game, we have prepared for you the history of the DMC series - the standard of slashers.

Evil May Cry

The original popular franchise was born by accident, when Capcom milked the best "milk" from their cow called Resident Evil. To make money not only on the main series, the company decided to create a plot branch for "Rezva", as they say, the iron was forged while it was hot.


According to the concept of the chapters, the hero was Tony - the son of one of the founders of Umbrella, who conducted a number of genetic experiments on himself and eventually became super strong and fast. The action was to take place in a kind of gothic world full of evil creatures. The company bosses liked the idea, but it was not clear how to connect this plot with the main series of Resident Evil. And as a result, the game became a separate project, which after reworkings, additions and other magic of game design became the first part of Devil May Cry.

A little bit of lore

The history of DMC begins about two thousand years ago. Then the sinister demon Mundus gathered an army and made his way into the human world to conquer it. However, one of the demons named Sparda was filled with compassion for people and decided to fight back Mundus. Since Sparda was one of his generals, he was able to find the strength to drive his boss back where he got out of.


Sparda locked the gates of hell on Mount Temen-Ni-Gru with a ritual in which he used his sword, amulet, blood and Yamato's katana. Sparda was praised as a savior, and he remained to live among people. The demon fell in love with the earthly girl Eve and took her as his wife, after which they had two sons, Dante and Virgil [the creators are very fond of The Divine Comedy]. At this time, Hell did not sleep and wanted revenge on the traitor. Sometimes the creatures made their way into our world. So one day Mundus sent his assassins, and they attacked Sparda's house, killing Eve. Dejected by her death, Sparda decided to disappear, leaving gifts to his sons as a keepsake. Dante received the Rebel sword and the Ebony and Ivory pistols, and Virgil received the Yamato katana. He also divided his medallion in two and gave them half each. Dante was never embarrassed by his origins and became a demon hunter.


The standard of the genre

In 2001, the first year on PS2, the first part of the game was released and tore everyone's tower. Largely thanks to Dante himself - a very charismatic and attractive character. The mixing begins when the Girl Trish comes to Dante's office for the extermination of demons and reports that Mundus has returned to our world. Our gray-haired hero immediately goes to drive him back. In principle, I described the whole plot, but it was not he who pulled the game, but an amazing combat system with the use of the Rebel's sword and pistols.


For shredding demons, we had hundreds of tricks and combinations, and to make it more interesting, a special style counter was added to the game, which showed how cool the gamer is playing and performing combos. Another feature was the Devil Trigger - a filling indicator, after using which Dante took the form of a demon, dealing more damage and restoring his health.

Not a perfect sequel

As is usually the case, after the success of the original, the developer started making a sequel. However, instead of expanding on the ideas of the original, Capcom decided that it was necessary to expand the size of the levels and the set of combinations for attacks, and the plot ... pfff, who needs it here! The series almost died ...


The story about a rich man who wants to get the power of a demon did not like the fans. Chasing the size, Capcom created a too large list of combos, and the enemies themselves were weak and sluggish. All the dynamics and hardcoreness of the first part came to naught. The locations were large, which made them mad. Demons could be shot at times with pistols while they reach you from the other end of the corridor, although pistols are needed more to fill your score meter and not be your main weapon!


Of the innovations, the ability to select a character was added to the game. So we could play as Dante's partner, a young huntress Lucy, who killed demons with curved blades, had an endless supply of throwing knives.

Back in Black!

Capcom announced the third part, and assured fans that it will be closer to the original. And the people who worked on the sequel will not be allowed to create DMC 3. The game was released in 2005 and was also ported to the PC. Well, as they ported it, they transferred it completely without synchronizing the controls under the PC, throwing the clavomuscle players a game with the words: “Torment the creature! Oh, don't you like it? Should have bought PS bastards hahahah! " Somehow this is how I imagined it when I played the game on a PC ...


The developer kept his promise, the game was really good. Everything from the combat system and difficulty to the music and storyline was great. The third game was a prequel to the original, helping PC gamers understand what the story is about. She talked about the confrontation between Dante and Virgil, who wanted to open the gates to Hell in order to gain the power of his father. Dante showed him real family values with his sword.

The game even surpassed the original and became the perfect sequel, but in a prequel wrapper.

Second Dante, oh, in the sense of Neuro

In the fourth part, the developers decided to introduce a new character to refresh the series. We started playing as a young boy called Neuro, a member of the Order of Swords, who fights demons. Alas, the head of the order turned out to be that asshole, and you will not believe it, he decided to open the gates to hell [the scriptwriters were apparently not paid extra].


DMC 4 had a lot to boast about, for example, a new combat system. Neuro was agile and possessed a demonic hand that pulled enemies and ripped them apart. In order not to torment the fans, they were sometimes allowed to chase our beloved gray-haired hero [no, I'm not talking about Geralt, fans of The Witcher], who, after killing bosses, replenished his arsenal with new artifacts.

Players were delighted not only by the gameplay, characters and new features, but also by the next gen of those times, which made the picture amazing.

Emo reboot

And in 2013, a dark horse in the history of the DMC series came out, which was even more controversial than DMC 2. More precisely, it was a restart of the game, which the Japanese entrusted to develop the British from Ninja Theory. Fans were outraged even after showing the trailer, where Dante looked like a cute emo fight, not a brutal [anime-like] demon hunter, and even like the main game developer.


The bias of the game has become more Western, the traditional flavor of the series has been removed from it, and metaphorical overtones have been added. You could say it was a good game, but not for fans of the original series. It didn't have that hardcore and heap of combos, but the simplified gameplay allowed us to optimize the PC version normally.

Several more weapons were added to DMC, and the picture was very colorful and nice. The plot told about Dante's ascent as a demon hunter and his struggle with Virgil. Which, unlike the previous parts, was a breath of air. The soundtrack did not disappoint either.


In general, if you have never played DMC, you will love this game as critics liked it. And if you are a fan, it will come to you.


After the last game, Capcom decided to go back to basics and again we will go through the classic story about Dante, as well as his friends in demon slashing. The game will most likely be one of the best this year. Her Metacritic scores averaged 90. More on that later. Until then, it was the story of the Devil May Cry series.

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