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Devil May Cry will become an animated series

Image Producer Adi Shankar is preparing another surprise for fans of animation and video games. First, the Indian American launched the animated series Castlevania, then acquired the rights to create an anime based on the Assassin's Creed franchise, and now he is going to transfer the heroes of one of the most famous slasher games to the small screens. According to IGN, Shankar is starting work on an animated series about the adventures of the characters in the Devil May Cry game series.

A few years ago, Adi created the so-called Bootlegger Universe, filming unauthorized short films about such popular movie, book and comic book characters as the Punisher, Venom, Power Rangers and James Bond. The success of these projects allowed the producer to move the business on a legal basis and to enter into formal deals with copyright holders. This is exactly the case with the upcoming film adaptation of Devil May Cry: the animated show will be filmed with the support of the Japanese corporation Capcom.

The famous Capcom franchise was created in 2001. The authors of Devil May Cry were inspired by the "Divine Comedy" and made the main character of the game a demon hunter named Dante.


The first part of the franchise has earned high praises in the press and is considered one of the most innovative video games in the history of the entertainment industry. Capcom is currently preparing to release the fifth installment of the game series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman