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Palm has released something between a smartphone and a smartwatch


The newly revived Palm brand has released its first ever device - the Palm Phone 2018 smartphone based on Android 8.1 OS. A device with a mini-display is presented as an alternative to a smart watch, and in terms of its functionality is more provided as an assistant to the main phone.


If we compare the novelty with a traditional modern smartphone of standard sizes, the Palm device is quite miniature, has a small 3.3-inch display and weighs about 60 g. It completely fits in the hand, and in this sense it can be called the literal embodiment of the brand name - the word "palm" is translated from English as "palm".


The appearance of the novelty is a bit similar to a typical iPhone, but in a slightly smaller version. With its compact size and modern, streamlined body shape, the first Palm smartphone with a 3.3-inch screen is slightly inferior to the parameters of the very first iPhone model (with a 3.5-inch display). The Palm has been created by professional designers who collaborate with many global manufacturers of IT devices. Initially, the novelty is available in two colors - gold and titanium.

What's inside

The smartphone received an eight-core Snapdragon 435m processor from Qualcomm, an Adreno 505 graphics card and an integrated X9 LTE modem. The screen supports HD resolution. The new Palm is protected from possible ingress of dust and moisture according to the modern IP68 standard - the same protection is found in the recently released iPhones XS and XS Max. A standard of this class ensures safety from dust getting into the device, and also guarantees that the device remains operational when it is at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes.


The main camera is equipped with a 12 MP sensor, the front camera is equipped with an 8 MP sensor. According to the manufacturer, the Palm Phone 2018 smartphone will be able to fully operate within 24 hours from a single charge of the built-in battery, the capacity of which is 800 mAh. The device is presented with 32 GB of internal and 3 GB of RAM.

The device does not have a fingerprint sensor, but it has a face recognition mechanism to identify the owner. The Palm smartphone is preinstalled with the Android 8.1 Oreo mobile operating system, adapted for a device with a 3.3-inch display.

The Palm smartphone did not receive the ability to set its own mobile number. Having a built-in miniature nano-SIM, the device can be used for synchronization with the main phone. The system of establishing communication between the two devices allows switching between them, while the compact Palm fully functions even at a great distance from the "big brother". The new product also supports the interaction system with the Google Assistant.

Brand situation

In 2010, Hewlett-Packard Corporation became the owner of the Palm trademark, but four years later resold it to the Chinese TCL Corporation, which has exclusive rights to other well-known brands - BlackBerry and Alcatel. In contrast, the deal to buy Palm from the beginning was carried out for its subsequent transfer to another company (based in the United States), which would become involved in the revival of the brand.

Now the trademark belongs to Palm startup, geographically based in Silicon Valley. The exclusive rights were granted with complete independence from TCL, but the Chinese company still retained the position of the manufacturer.

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