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Phoenix Point Guide - Helpful Tips for Newbies and Experienced Players


Fans of tactical turn-based strategies can finally be congratulated on the release of one of the main games of the year - the Phoenix Point strategy game, developed under the leadership of the father of the X-COM series, Julian Gollop. At first glance, the game resembles like a drop of water like XCOM: Enemy Unknown from Firaxis, but along with familiar mechanics, Gollop tried to refresh the genre by introducing a number of innovations into the strategy. In this Phoenix Point guide, we'll look at a few of them and provide tips to help you get up to speed quickly.

Continuously research new technologies on an ongoing basis

This advice may seem pretty obvious to X-COM veterans, but remember: new research and high technology are the keys to winning Phoenix Point. After completing the prologue, when access to research opens, we recommend that you pay attention to the study of technological branches and choose the most optimal way of developing the base. And even if you do not have the opportunity at the moment to develop the necessary technologies, never stop researching, because any development will be useful in passing the game.

Phoenix Point Guide - Helpful Hints for Newbies and Experienced Players

Each of the research branches has a number of its own advantages and really useful technologies, but at the initial stage, we advise you to pay attention to the following developments:

  • Atmospheric analysis. Perhaps one of the most important technologies. Allows you to see on the geoscope (global map) areas of the planet affected by the mutagen
  • Reverse engineering: bulldog AR-50. Powerful assault rifles that will be a great replacement for the base weapon for your warbands
  • Trade protocols. Lack of resources is one of the main problems accompanying the passage of Phoenix Point. Choosing between new research, base development and squad modernization, over time, you will face a lack of useful materials. The problem is unpleasant, but it can be solved thanks to the study of "Trade Protocols", which allow exchanging resources with neighboring shelters

Also remember that it is better to always have the opportunity to create a queue of several studies so as not to waste time.

Create the Learning Center first

Continuing the Phoenix Point guide with one more piece of advice that can be of great help in the early hours of the game. As you can see, at the start, your base is equipped with several basic buildings. The default building bundle is good, but it definitely lacks the Learning Center, so we recommend building it first.

The training center in "Phoenix Point" is designed to improve your units and has one extremely useful passive bonus - if you have this building, each unit gets +2 experience points between missions for every hour spent on the Geoscope.

Train multiclass soldiers

If you wish, you can create a narrowly focused specialist who, with all its positive qualities, will have a bunch of flaws and vulnerabilities. We recommend that you abandon specialists and create multi-class fighters (available at level 4). They combine the strengths of several classes and can effectively work on the battlefield even if several soldiers are lost in the squad.

Always use manual aim

In Phoenix Point, as befits tactical turn-based strategies, the probability of hitting the enemy is measured as a percentage and depends on many factors, be it the distance to the enemy and the number of objects on the way. Percentage probability is at the heart of the combat system, whether someone likes it or not. However, using manual aiming (the aim button after selecting a fighter) opens a local analogue of VATS from Fallout, in which you can select a point for an aimed attack and minimize the risk of a miss.

Phoenix Point Guide - Helpful Hints for Newbies and Experienced Players

A little tip at Phoenix Point on aimed shots - if there is no guarantee that you will kill an enemy, try to shoot in the legs or arms to gain a tactical advantage. Also, do not be afraid to sometimes let the enemy get closer to you and, with one hundred percent probability, plant clips in the faces of mutants. In Phoenix Point, you will definitely not encounter absurd situations from X-COM, when a character missed an enemy, being at arm's length from him.

Use your ammo carefully

Phoenix Point has a habit of punishing players painfully for wastefulness and too inattentive shooting: unlike X-COM, after each restart, your ammo is not restored. Cartridges, like grenades, have to be produced at the base, so the phrase “that every cartridge is important” in Julian Gollop's game is especially relevant. At Phoenix Point, we advise you to think three times before shooting, and if for some reason you are in doubt, then it is better to save ammo for a better situation.

Phoenix Point Guide - Helpful Tips for Newbies and Experienced Players

Build Manticore and Scarab as soon as possible

The game has several types of transport, which are recommended to acquire as soon as possible. Yes, it will take a considerable amount of resources to develop technology and assemble vehicles, but don't worry, this is an investment in the future that will pay off many times over. The first transport - "Manticore" - a small cargo shuttle, with the help of which the exploration of the territory and the dropping of troops onto the battlefield is carried out.

The second vehicle in Phoenix Point is the Scarab, a military vehicle used as a fire support vehicle and a roomy armored personnel carrier for infantry. The Scarab is equipped with a rocket launcher and occupies three capacity slots in the Manticore.

Get the faction's support

A little tip on Phoenix Point diplomacy - study the advantages and disadvantages of factions from the very beginning of the game, trying to maintain friendly relations. The pacifist policy is especially important at the beginning of the game, when there are a minimum of resources and technologies, which can be fixed by exchanging resources in friendly shelters and adopting faction technologies.

Phoenix Point Guide - Helpful Hints for Newbies and Experienced Players

There are several levels of relationship with factions and when you reach 25, 50, 75 or 100 points, you can count on new technologies and other pleasant bonuses. At the same time, having gotten a little stronger, you should not try to please everyone at once, this scenario is in any case doomed to failure. Over time, when the virus spreads across the planet, and the struggle for territories and resources becomes even more fierce in the Phoenix Point game, you have to choose a faction or completely keep aloof from everyone, raiding neighboring shelters.

This concludes the Phoenix Point guide and hope that our tips will really help you progress through the game. We also suggest paying attention to the Shenmue 3 game guide.

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