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The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game


The original The Devision was one of the pioneers in the top shooter genre, and despite a number of significant shortcomings, together with Destiny, defined how the next generation of online shooters should look and play. The sequel The Division 2 changes the views of snow-covered New York to sunny Washington and solved the main mistake of the first game - the lack of content, which means that if you want to get acquainted with top shooters, and the very controversial Anthem does not lie in your heart, then the new game from Ubisoft will be the best choice in the genre. Therefore, in today's guide for The Division 2, we will share some useful tips for both beginners and veterans of the series.

1. Open safe houses and settlements for fast travel

Compared to the first part, the world of The Division 2 game has grown significantly in size, and since you have to move on foot, sooner or later, exploring the world can get bored. There is an excellent solution to save your own time and teleport around the open world of the game in a fraction of a second: use safe houses and settlements, which you can move to by marking the location on the map. In them, you can improve your equipment or take on several new tasks, so in any case you will have to return to safe play areas.

2. Unlock the second weapon slot

Of course, this is probably the top tip for beginners in The Division 2. As soon as you get to the leveling tree, then of all the perks and skills, we recommend the first thing to choose the second slot for the weapon. Thus, you will always have quick access to additional weapons, which will come in handy in especially hot battles, when changing weapons will be the best tactic for surviving in conditions of a lack of ammunition and different types of enemies.

The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game

3. Collect clothes from the same brand

Similar to RPGs in The Division 2, gear quality is determined by color grading, from white to gold, which is often available at level 30. But in addition, in the guide to The Division 2, we cannot miss one of the game's innovations: the distribution of equipment by brand. Here, again, you can draw an analogy with RPG collectible armor sets like the Wither 3 Witcher armor sets. As in The Witcher in Ubisoft's game, the presence of several pieces of equipment from the same brand gives the player useful bonuses.

4. Choose your weapons wisely

This advice may seem obvious, but we strongly discourage choosing weapons based on damage indicators. Yes, firepower is extremely important in a game where even an ordinary enemy can take half a horn of cartridges, but in addition we advise you to take into account the rate of fire, reload speed and stability. We also recommend that after opening two weapon slots, choose a barrel for close and long attacks to prepare yourself for any situations on the battlefield. In the final stages of the game, the best weapon in The Division 2 will be the Military M60 E4 machine gun. Not only does it restore armor on kill, but even after installing modifications for critical damage it becomes a real killing machine.

The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game

5. Attack on the vulnerable points of opponents

Enemies in The Division 2 boast a truly record-breaking health score compared to other shooters. This moment can be frustrating, but if you act tactically and shoot at vulnerable points, then you can easily turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Against armored targets, the standard tactics apply - concentrate on one point on the body of opponents, since armor tends to wear out and subsequently opens up a quick way to eliminate adversaries. Also, do not forget about critical points, which are often marked in red on the body of both ordinary enemies and bosses.

6. It isn't always worth spending time fixing your armor

In The Division 2, armor is critical to surviving challenging firefights. Having received significant damage, the equipment can wear out or even break down, which is why the first thing there is a desire to repair the armor and continue the battle with renewed vigor. However, if you see that the opponents are outnumbered, then we offer the following advice in The Division 2 - do not waste time fixing and kill the remaining enemies, because after the end of the battle, the player's health is replenished and several armor slots are returned. We also recommend paying attention to the weapon perk Preservation, which, when you kill an enemy, restores 5% of your armor for three seconds.

The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game

7. Activate as many safe houses as possible

As we mentioned at the beginning of the The Division 2 guide, safe houses are extremely useful and not only due to the fact that they allow you to teleport around the map. Other advantages of safe houses include the ability to summon a partner and meet other live players who can help you through the game. Additionally, activating the safe house opens the nearest points of interest on the map, allowing you to acquire valuable loot, meet bosses and gain a huge amount of experience.

8. Don't forget about breakpoints

When exploring the world in The Division 2, the player will encounter dozens of fortified outposts, the so-called control points, marked on the map with icons with red flags. In essence, they resemble similar outposts from the Far Cry series, so before eliminating opponents, we recommend planning all the team's actions in advance. The value of checkpoints lies not only in the new loot (do not forget to check the warehouses near the outposts), but also in filling the liberated zones with friendly NPCs, which will eliminate the need to fend off a new wave of enemies when you visit the location again.

The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game

9. Upgrade settlements and complete Projects

Settlements are one of the main innovations in The Division 2 and can be a great way to replenish your loot collection and level up. Here are just a couple of conditions: you will have to advance through the storyline campaign and get new followers, giving the so-called "Projects" for pumping settlements. "Projects" not only modify the settlement and provide useful bonuses like increased storage, but additionally reward the player for their efforts with experience points, loot and new blueprints for making equipment. Separately, we note in the The Division 2 guide that in order to complete many of the initial "Projects" you will have to sacrifice equipment, so at first we recommend not to sell the found reservation, but to put it in storage for later completing tasks in the settlements.

10. Collect your rewards and don't forget to complete your Uplay Challenges

At any time, you can open the Uplay menu and get some bonuses. Some of the bonuses are free, while others can be purchased for a special currency, which is recruited when playing other Ubisoft projects. Therefore, if you have passed, for example, Assassins Creed Odyssey and have accumulated a few coins in Uplay, then you can immediately go to the store and collect equipment. Also, keep an eye out for the Uplay Challenges column, which update every week, challenge the player with easy tasks and reward generously with experience points.

The Division 2 Guide - 10 Tips Before Starting a Game

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