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Google intends to end browser mining


In the wake of the rise of dozens of previously unknown cryptocurrencies, Google decided to limit the distribution of browser extensions for mining. Since Monday, the company has banned the addition of scripts related to the extraction or distribution of digital money to the Chrome extension store. Moreover, all extensions that are already available for download will be removed in June due to the company's decision regarding advertising and ICO distribution.

Oh, those miners and their Beethovens

Google decided to take such a drastic step because of the many unscrupulous developers. About 90% of the extensions aimed at mining activities are in fact hidden miners: they were not advertised as such, and there is not a word about background mining in their description. With its solution, the company protects Chrome users from unnecessary traffic consumption and potential security problems.

Mining at someone else's expense will become more difficult and that's good

There is another reason why Google has taken up browser miners thoroughly. The search giant presented a chart that showed the strong negative impact of mining extensions on computer hardware. After some downtime, when it is assumed that the user has left the computer, the extension loads the processor by 80% and mines until the owner of the machine is back to work. Frequent and prolonged loads of this nature lead to rapid component wear.

How to calculate a site with a miner in code?

Due to its smart behavior, the browser miner can be difficult to figure out. If you suspect that the computer is loading under the influence of recently installed extensions, it is enough to turn off the Internet for a while. If signs of increased load disappeared, they were most likely caused by one of the browser scripts.

Only the Khajiit are unhappy

Only the developers of hidden miners and those who deliberately used such extensions can take a negative attitude to Google's policy. However, this will not stop the company from taking other steps to limit browser mining. It is worth noting that extensions that use blockchain technology, but are not intended for mining crypto money, remain in the Chrome store and will be available for download until moderators discover dangerous vulnerabilities in them.

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Author: Jake Pinkman