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Everyone loves to laugh, and there are many ways to prank your friends or colleagues using their computer. We've collected 10 innocuous but brilliant pranks on Windows.

Launch Windows Narrator

Narrator is not a well-known Windows feature unless you have visual impairments. Narrator reads everything you do on your computer, including typing and clicking. Just search for Narrator in the Start menu and launch the program on your friend's computer or laptop.

For maximum enjoyment, enable all Narrator options, including "Launch minimized Narrator". For an even more dramatic effect, you can configure Narrator to launch when Windows starts up so that it continues to run even when you restart your computer.

Turn up the volume of their speakers to an annoying level, sit back and enjoy them trying to figure out what's going on.

Restart computer from shortcut

This will drive even the confident Windows user crazy. Choose a shortcut for a program you use frequently (or change many keyboard shortcuts if you have time). It is best to choose his favorite internet browser, so spy on ahead of time before you try this prank.

Right-click on the shortcut and change its "Object" to:

"% windir% system32 shutdown.exe -r -t 00"

Now, when you double-click the shortcut, the computer will restart. It's simple.

Autorun programs

Most people quickly find that many programs are loaded when Windows starts. These are mainly anti-virus programs, Skype and updating tools. This usually happens in the background, and the only thing you notice is that the computer slows down for a minute or two immediately after starting up.

However, several programs can be added to the startup folder, which are more obvious.

For Windows XP, in Windows Explorer navigate to:


C: Documents and Settings All users Start Menu Programs Startup

Or on Windows 7:

C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup

You can copy shortcuts here or even create a text document with a nice (or vulgar) welcome message.

Task Scheduler

You can have even more fun with another innocent tool in Windows. Typically the Task Scheduler is used to perform operations such as backing up or defragmenting the hard drive.

It is quite obvious that you can use it for not very favorable purposes, for example, to schedule programs to launch at the most inopportune moments.

You will need a few minutes alone with your friend's computer. Find Task Scheduler in the Start menu and create a new task in the Action menu.

On the Actions tab, you can choose to launch the program, send an e-mail, or display a message, so there are many ways to have fun, especially if you have time to set up.

On the Triggers tab, you can click the New button and choose when the dummy "task" occurs.

With this prank, you can create total chaos - it all depends on your imagination.

Additional keyboard and mouse

For light office entertainment, plug in a USB token from a wireless keyboard and mouse and periodically type or move the cursor while the targeted victim tries to work. They will not guess what the "problem" is, and two pairs of keyboard and mouse will work at the same time.

Many wireless devices operate within a few meters, so you can stretch this joke for a long time before you get caught.

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