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Best Teen and Teenage Love Movies: Compilation 3


We continue our section of films about teenagers and teenage love. Basically, these tapes are dramas with sexual and melodramatic overtones. But among them there are thrillers and pictures of a scandalous nature, balancing sexually "on the brink of a foul." Some, for example, such as "Lecherous Childhood" (No. 9), are completely banned not only for showing, but also for viewing and distributing on the territory of certain countries.

Pictures that are not recommended for persons under 18 to look at, we mark with a sign (*). And there it is up to you to decide whether to spend time on them or not. Although, on the other hand, each of them can teach something.

1. Hi Julie! (2010) 7.83

We will start today's selection of films about teenagers with a very touching and long love story, first 5, and then 15-year-old Bryce Loski and Julie Baker, who were destined to live in houses opposite from childhood.

From the very first grade, Julie purposefully sought the location of the boy, who was very conservative in his views on friendship with girls. Traditionally, primary school boys, being childishly naive, laugh at everyone who promotes and leads friendships with girls. Girls at this age, it seems, do not really insist on "relationships" either. But being a pure soul and free from prejudice, Julie continues to "harass" poor Bryce, shaming him in the eyes of his peers.

The poor boy doesn't even know where to hide from this stubborn girl. And, sooner or later, he does an act that makes Julie turn away from him forever.

The whole incident is that now, suddenly, the guy realizes that he is not at all sure that he wants Julie to leave him behind. But how to get everything back? Unfortunately, he does not know this.

2. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) 7.60

Next in our selection of films about teenagers is a very humorous love story between two young people - Sam Shakaski - a thirteen-year-old cadet of the Boy Scout camp and a local thirteen-year-old girl, Susie Bishop.

Sam Shakaski is an extraordinary personality. In the circle of children, he is something like a "white crow". He is always on his mind, thinks too outside the box and runs away from the camp all the time. But who would have known that, in secret from everyone, he is in correspondence with another non-standard personality - the girl Suzie, whose parents do not pay attention to what is going on in the head of their growing daughter. Parents are busy - mom - with the local sheriff, and dad - and do not understand what, but not daughter. This is where what happened.

Sam and Suzie, who signed up with each other, run away - he - from the camp, she - from the house, after which, having met at the agreed place, they go together in search of a romantic place - "Kingdom of the Full Moon", which will become a remote local bay. p>

The county, turned upside down, prowls through the forests and valleys in search of a couple in love, but they are found by trackers from Sam's squad, who, in addition, were given small-caliber rifles (what is the question for?) and who shoot their own search dog. From that moment on, the events went head over heels.

The film featured such Hollywood stars as Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Tilda Swintony, etc. Do not hesitate, everyone will be interested.

3. Little Manhattan (2005) 7.58

The next film in our top teenage films is the love story of 10-year-old Gabe and 11-year-old Rosemary, which claims that girls don't always grow up faster than boys. The guy here has shown this firsthand.

Gabe seemed to have known Rosemary since kindergarten. I knew, I was friends with her, as usual children in kindergarten are friends with each other. But recently, he began to feel that when he looked at her, he began to pound and toss. What is it?

At first, Gabe tried to resist this feeling. He tried with might and main to pretend that he did not notice either this very feeling, or this very Rosemary. Only time after time did he come to his senses when he was halfway to the house where Rosemary lived.

It all started with the fact that the guy signed up for the karate section in order to become, as he thought, a real man. But when Rosemary signed up for the same section, he was no longer so sure that this section could raise a man in him. And all because after each glance in the direction of his ex-girlfriend, his heart melted, trembling appeared in the whole body, and there was nothing to talk about concentration at all.

I wonder how to be here? Resist with might and main and pretend that nothing is happening, or trust your feelings and swim where the waves of love will carry? I would like to choose the latter. But in this case, there is a danger that your first teenage love will take you to such unexplored lands that mom do not cry!

4. Lolita (1997) 7.44

The next film about adolescents and adolescent love is based on the novel of the same name by Nabokov, which even now, more than half a century later, is perceived by some critics as, a quote: "... an epic of an author suffering from an atrophy of moral feeling."

And they, on the one hand, are very understandable. That, the story described in the novel and later filmed by the same-name feature film by Adrian Lyne tells about a segment of the life of a real pedophile. You can talk as much as you like about who or what caused the individual's attraction to minors, this does not diminish the fact that this person is mentally ill.

Moreover, if pedophilia, as often happens, is congenital, then in this case the individual is even more innocent of being sexually attracted to adolescents. After all, it is much more difficult to fight against DNA than against acquired cravings on the basis of a “psychological shift”.

In this case, the main character, a certain Humbert Humbert, experienced a trauma in childhood when he was separated from a peer, which is why he had a craving for little girls of a certain type for life. After the death of his wife (yes, our hero was married), he comes to a small town to study literary criticism. Having rented a room from a local middle-aged widow Charlotte Haze, he fell in love with her 12-year-old daughter Lola (Dolly).

The lady, in a short time, married him to herself, and not suspecting that this was all he needed. After all, now he can legally enjoy the company of her daughter. Charlotte soon learns of his feelings for Dolly. She read about them in the diary of the imprudent blunt-nosed Humbert. What will happen next - see for yourself. It is clear that such stories cannot end well.

But this is only for normal authors. Such as Adrian Lyne or Stanley Kubrick, the author of the first film adaptation of Nabokov's Lolita in 1962. For sexually unconventional and preoccupied directors, such as the domestic Armen Oganezov, everything, of course, is developing excellently. In his version of the 2007 sample, mom and daughter are as preoccupied as he is, and in the final they are happy to cohabit with their tenant for a couple. Just a dream for an incest lover.

5. Young and Beautiful (2013) 6.67

If you study at the Lyceum, this does not mean that you are Pushkin. It is possible that you are a girl named Isabelle, living with your mother and stepfather, who are more concerned with themselves and their own affairs than raising their daughter. That is why idiotic plans of ideal earnings are ripening in your bowler hat, which in fact turn out to be simple prostitution. Although, as for whom.

In this film about teenagers and the first sexual experience, only the younger brother suspects that something is wrong with his sister. But who is he to read morality to his sister. Previously, she and her sister shared everything that happened in their life. But all their revelations ended at the moment when Isabelle lost her virginity with her German boyfriend, whom she really only needed to, in fact, lose her virginity.

From that moment on, the 15-year-old girl sold out with might and main. Trying to figure out what place in the process of sexual pleasures should become "good and pleasant", she begins her "tour" of the members of anxious old men, for which she gets paid pretty well. On her difficult "work path" she comes across with anyone. There are plenty of degenerates. Some can even throw at the grandmother. But the worst thing is when you are taken for a whore. Although, what is there to be offended. A whore - she is a whore in Africa.

After watching porn and learning the places and situations in which you need to moo, whine and moan languidly, she decided that she had reached the pinnacle of her skill. Behind this serious business, at one fine moment, the newly minted unfortunate confused and did not notice how another and, by the way, the most generous old fart died under her.

How will this affect the further "sexual maturation" of the idiot Isabelle? Who cares - welcome to view. The film is quite self-restrained in a sexual sense (a lot of top, but little of a bottom), therefore, in this case, a contingent from among those under 18 can also "learn from life".

6. To my sister! (2001) 6.02 *

The next film about adolescents will tell the story of the sexual maturation of two sisters, relatives, but seemingly very different from each other. Older sister Elena has already turned 15, and she is striving with might and main to sleep with the first handsome guy she meets on vacation. She finds such a handsome man in a local cafe where the sisters wandered around.

The younger sister, 14-year-old Anais, did not come out either in body or in brains. Being a chubby, she is so used to the fact that she is a nondescript insignificance that no psychologists can fix it. Looking at how easily her sister manages to impress any guys, regardless of their size, skin color and age, Anais got used to the idea that she was definitely destined to part with innocence only if she was attacked by a rapist. But the rapist is also unlikely to covet her.

Elena is gathering the nerve to sleep with her boyfriend right in front of her younger sister, which only adds fuel to the already blazing fire of her depression. No wonder the little sister's dreams are becoming more and more "radical" ...

7. We (2018) 5.73 *

The film tells about boobies. The most natural juvenile morons, whose upbringing at some time obviously went on the wrong track. If it went somewhere at all. It's hard to call this masterpiece a film for teenagers. Rather, it is a film - a guide for parents who think that if the child is not watched and if he is not raised, then he will somehow be raised by himself. Here is a good example of how teenagers, for a lack of parental attention, turn into complete degenerates with moral and other foundations at zero.

Eight rams, the so-called "girls" and "boys" (four of those and four of these), decide to live in grand style, breathing the air of freedom with full breasts. But in order to feel truly free and liberated, you need some money. And these boobies decide to earn them in the simplest way - to open a site on which sexual orgies with their participation will be posted.

No sooner said than done. The assholes gather, put on masks on their faces, and the porno rushed through the network. During breaks, they "relax" and "know themselves" having a friend in turn, walking naked and learning about their "inner world" by sticking lighters, iPads and other rubbish into their vaginas.

And since the film begins in the courtroom, it is clear that such a film about teenagers and teenage love cannot end well. It remains only to guess which of the eight rams is no longer lucky.

The film contains scenes of naked intercourse and oral sex, so those under 18 shouldn't look at this. You will only become more moronic.

8. Delo / Roman (2018) 5.62

In most cases, it happens that it is the teachers who seduce the children, and not the children of the teachers. But in this case, everything is just the opposite. This film is more likely not about teenagers, but about a teenager who was lucky to seduce his new physical education teacher.

Anita is a 42-year-old married woman whose sports career in her youth was covered with a copper basin. At the time of the program, in the final somersault, she landed so badly that she got a fracture of the cervical vertebra. The vertebra was twisted with bolts, everything grew together, but the doors to the big sport closed in front of her nose.

The film begins with the fact that she gets a job as a physical education teacher and meets the class. All students are like students. No one is better or worse. And everything seems to be going as it should, but after another morning run she discovers a bouquet of roses on her porch.

With her husband, Anita is not doing very well. Their sex life has long been at zero. So, on the one hand, the bouquet made her happy, and on the other, alerted her. Who could it suddenly become her fan? Suspecting that some maniac is "hunting" for her, she begins to shy away from every rustle. But soon everything falls into place.

Once a scuffle occurs at school, after which Anita decides to provide first aid to the instigator of the fight - an attractive guy, the son of her ex-girlfriend in the gymnastics section. At some point, awkwardness slipped between them, the guy tried to kiss her. The woman turned away in time, but from that moment on she did not stop thinking about the guy. This time she managed to control herself. But what happens the next time the little asshole climbs into her car?

Probably nothing at first. After all, accidental sex in the car and the next flowers on the porch are so cute. But, as it turned out, in this case, the "cute" ended very quickly and not at all as we would like.

And, in general, how would you like?

9. Lewd childhood (1977) 4.89 *

Next, in our selection of the best films about teenagers and teenage love, the most scandalous film of the late 70s, on the account of which the debates between critics and legalists still do not stop. In many countries, it is considered explicit child porn and is prohibited from being shown or distributed.


In the center of the plot is a trinity of very small teenagers - 11-year-old Laura and Sylvia and 14-year-old Fabrizio, of whom Pierre Giuseppe Murgia blinded a real love triangle, placing it in an action-packed psychological drama. Fabrizio and Laura are longtime acquaintances. Since childhood (so to speak about the children themselves), they played together during the holidays, meeting in an agreed place - a summer house located in the forest. Every summer was fun and joyful for them until it was time to grow up.

At one point, Fabrizio declares that he seems to be drawn to her "in an adult way." Laura doesn't seem to mind, because she seems to be drawn to him in the same way. And they seem to decide to try for the first time to have sex in one of the local cozy caves.

But teenage love is an unpredictable and not constant thing. Fabrizio soon cools down to his longtime girlfriend and spins "shura-mura" with local blonde eleven-year-old Sylvia. Laura, on the other hand, fell in love with Fabrizio to such an extent that she agrees to be the servant of the newly-made couple, just to be with him.

Passions run high throughout the second half, and look that someone will slaughter or throw someone off the cliff.

It is not entirely clear for which contingent Pierre Giuseppe Murgia was filming this nonsense. It is clear that if children were not in the place of adults, no one would have gone to her, since the script of the film is so naive, banal-cliche, insipid, predictable and uninteresting that only a child will be interested. But, whatever one may say, in the film there are scenes with a demonstration of nudity and staged sexual acts with the participation of children, so the age rating automatically rises to 18 years - at least.

Thus, Murga made a film for adults about children's sexual adventures. Who cares - welcome. We are more and more tormented by the question, where, in fact, did the parents of these children look? Moreover, both the parents of the main characters of the film and the parents of the characters of the film ...

10. Sleeping Beauty (2011) 4.63

Today's selection of films about teenagers ends with an even more interesting story. Above, we have already seen what some teenagers go to in order to earn extra money. But if a young "freelancer" earned a large salary there, then the student ended up on a tough salary, at the same time bound by the strictest rules and the idiotic conditions of a strange employer.

Skilled bibliophiles can easily feel where this story was inflated in the head of Julia Lee and her friend Yasunari Kawabata. Yes, yes, from the Book of Daniel. There, a couple of old fart peeped at the bathing young Susanna, after which, unable to bear it, they decided to blackmail her into giving herself up to them. Like, if you won't, we will say that you have sinned with us, and then you will be hanged. But the interrogation of both would-be accusers separately revealed that they were fooling like dogs, for which they were immediately pulled up.

Nobody was turned up here, but this does not mean that the film will be completely devoid of a tragic component. The tragedy here is not even that in the finale someone “grunts”. The tragedy is, first of all, that in today's modern and civilized (by the way - European, turn your back on those who dislike "Rashka") society, a girl can reach the point that she will agree to this type of "part-time job".

As such, teenage love will not be here, except that the word "love" will mean a kind and very specific sex, and even then not on the part of the main character, who at this time will be sleeping under sleeping pills.

Lucy is a student who lives in an apartment and resists with might and main to pay for her studies personally and pay for housing. She takes on any part-time jobs, but the money is still not enough. An advertisement in the newspaper comes across that one of the local elite clubs requires a waitress. She arrives and finds out that, firstly, she has to serve at the table almost naked, and secondly, from time to time she will have to spend the night in the club's bedroom, having drunk a potent sleeping pill before going to bed.

Who and what will create with her body during sleep is a secret for her. The only thing is that she was promised that there would be no "penetrations." She would have known what some assholes can do with the body of a young girl while she is completely out ...


On this let's say goodbye to future times. Another selection of films about teenagers and teenage love is expected next month. We promise that you will find in it no less instructive than in the previous three issues. In the meantime, we wish you pleasant views and, as usual, even more cool films and TV series.

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