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TOP of the best games of November 2018


And now we have already experienced two months of autumn. Survived RDR 2, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and other lesser but great gaming hits. However, another game month awaits us with masterpieces, which this fall is rich in. We present to you the TOP of the best games of November 2018.

The quiet man

Release date: November 1

November will meet us with an unusual adventure game or, as the creators call it, a cinematic experience, in which game graphics are combined with real shooting. We will have to play as a deaf-mute guy who is looking for the kidnappers of his beloved girl. Due to GG's disability, almost all sounds will be absent in the game, but after completing the game we are promised a plus - where they will be, which, according to the developers, will change the game radically.

The game has animation and frame rate issues, hopefully it's good enough to cover those issues.

Football Manager 2019

Release date: November 2

The games of this series with each new part are getting better, more elaborate and larger (although much bigger and more realistic). The football manager simulator is perfect for those who have enough free time, because a single match in a game can last up to 10 minutes at best. And if you delve into the game in detail - up to several hours. What innovations the game has prepared for us - we will find out very soon. The beta version on Steam has already received 80% of positive reviews.

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Release date: November 6

No, this is not a new project from the legacy of the late Telltale Games, but a co-op shooter for four players where you have to resist waves of zombies. Just for Left4Dead fans. The game has certain problems with gameplay and graphics, which is why it picked up dislikes in the gameplay trailer, but if you miss shooting the dead, you can pay attention.


Release date: November 6

A project from From Software, which is not a furious hardcore RPG (imagine, not only Dark Souls can do it), this is a detective adventure with a touch of surrealism about a ghost at school. We will play for him, trying to prove our existence by establishing a connection with students.


Release date - November 8

"Who said that in USA they don't know how to do a royal battle?" - Probably with these words the development of the domestic project Egress, which is a royal battle in the style of Souls Like, began. This is manifested in the combat mechanics, and in the setting it looks more like a mixture of Dishonored and Bioshock. The game will feature multiplayer with PvP mode.

11-11: Memories Retold

Released November 11

This is one of those games that tries to be something close to art, which is why we have an unusual picture that seems to be drawn with a brush. The story will tell about the period of the Second World War and two soldiers - a German and a Canadian, who want to get away from its horrors and return home.

Hitman 2

Release date: November 13

And here is the first representative of AAA projects in our TOP "the best gaming news of November". The continuation of the adventures of the bald assassin will be released in the middle of the month, and will delight you with new features, locations, as well as the finally implemented PvP mode for two players. There will also be elusive targets that appear only once for a certain period. Prizes are awarded for their destruction. The Hitman's first elusive target will be renowned actor Sean Bean, spoiler-dying.

Fallout 76

Release date: November 14

The loudest release of the month, and the most controversial for the entire gaming year. The game has turned into one big "vyzhivastik" in the setting of a fallout, and this has divided the players into those who are waiting for it, those who hate it, and those who hate it, but will still play. We have already written in detail about what to expect from the game, you can familiarize yourself with the facts by clicking on the link.

Battlefield V

Release date: November 20

The continuation of the battle will finally be released and this time will show us an alternative view of the Second World War. We will have a lot of maps, dynamic combat, as well as a storyline company about three soldiers from different parts of the world. The game is criticized for its rich costemisation and excessive liberalism, for example, due to the addition of female characters to the battlefield. However, you should not be prejudiced against modern trends in society and try out the new battle when it comes out.

Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27

One of the main slashers of the year with RPG elements about deadly sins and horsemen of the apocalypse is already on the march. Now we will take control of the sister of the past GG-Rage, which, like the Prince of Persia from the third part, will destroy enemies with a huge whip with knives. Religious overtones, killing deadly sins, acrobatics and one of the best new games in November are what awaits us.


Release date: November 29

The end of the month will be a new revolution in battle royale, as the creators of this project promise us that 1000 people will be able to take part in it at once. The game was transferred more than once and it is not a fact that it will not be transferred again. And even if it comes out, like many similar projects, there will be obvious problems with the servers.

Edge of Eternity

Release date: November 29

As always, not one of our top new games can do without a Japanese RPG in the spirit of Final Fantasy. The developers assure us that the story will be epic and beautiful, the battles are turn-based, and the open world is just as cool as the story. But let's not forget that the absence of the USA language and the unclear price make this project suitable for those with a specific taste.

This was the TOP "best gaming news of November". If you have already passed the hits of the last month, then prepare your wallets and time to try out new projects.

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Author: Jake Pinkman