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10 impossible boss fights


We are already used to the fact that bosses in games must challenge the player, or at least be stronger than the average opponent at the level, otherwise, what kind of bosses are they if they are weaker than their own subordinates? Therefore, it seems logical to us to expect a fierce battle from the bosses and in the final of the battle, having defeated the next glavgad, to honor our ego and be surprised at our own skill. But this does not always work, some bosses in games are designed to make you suffer and feel helpless. Some bosses are simply invincible, and today we will tell about ten of them.

10. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Fortune

In the world of the Metal Gear Solid universe, nanomachines are capable of endowing people with supernatural powers, creating superhumans in the best traditions of Marvel. One of these was Fortuna in MGS 2, who received real immortality, which became a personal tragedy for her. Bullets, explosions, any threat is reflected from Fortune, as if it is protected by an invisible shield. Of course, one cannot count on an easy battle with Fortune. For every shot, for every unit of your ammo spent, she doesn't care, so the only thing left is to run from her around the arena like a toasted rabbit and wait for the moment for the plot scripts to stop the battle.

Top 10 Unbeatable Bosses in Games

9. Zone of the Enders - Anubis

According to a similar scenario, the battle develops in the cult in narrow circles game Zone of the Enders. In the final, the player will face the most formidable opponent in the game - Anubis, who surpasses David Copperfield himself in the number of aces in his sleeve. Teleportation and an instant flurry of blows are just a few of the techniques that make Anubis a powerful foe to the point of injustice. How to resist such a machine? Unfortunately or fortunately, no special creativity is required from the player. Just hold out for the time set by the game and the plot scripts will definitely stop this dishonorable duel.

Top 10 Unbeatable Bosses in Games

8. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy - Feral Chaos

If you are at least a little familiar with modern Japanese culture, you probably noticed the sometimes strange, and sometimes even downright mockery, sense of humor inherent in the Japanese. Some jokes from the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun are even too cruel, as can be seen by playing the fighting game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. At the beginning of the game, nothing bodes well, and the tutorial with a cute animal even sets you in a positive mood ... but only until you decide to be rude to the animal and skip the tutorial, calling yourself the game master. For the master at the very beginning, they will find a suitable task - to fight with Feral Chaos, the final boss of the game, and believe me, this is the last thing you want to do in this life.

Top 10 Unbeatable Bosses in Games

7. Dino Crisis - T-Rex

If, after watching all parts of Jurassic Park, dinosaurs have not yet begun to appear in your nightmares, then Dino Crisis may well correct this misunderstanding. In this game, the boss T-Rex is exactly what a giant carnivorous reptile weighing 9 tons should be: a giant, non-stop death machine that sees the only reason for its existence - to tear the player to small shreds. And the worst thing is that the boss really cannot be stopped, and your shots can only slow down the prehistoric king of assassins.

Top 10 Unbeatable Bosses in Games

6. Borderlands 2 - Pretty Dragon

Tiny Tina Storms the Dragon Abode add-on for Borderlands 2 is the case when an already insane game loses its last grains of adequacy. Ever wanted to walk through the mentally unstable Tina's fantasy world? If the answer is yes, then you will like the supplement, just don't expect an easy way. On the contrary, Tina's perverse fantasy will one moment send you the boss of the Dragon-Handsome, who cannot be injured, and he himself knocks out a group of players in one breath. True, at the next meeting, the dragon will still become vulnerable, but even in this case, defeating him will be a real feat.

5. Uncharted 4: Thieves End - Nadine Ross

All the encounters with Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4 are like a solid black streak in the life of Nathan Drake, and at the same time for the player. This is the only boss in the game and no matter how hard you try, you will hardly be able to inflict damage on Nadine. The main goal here is to survive. In the first skirmish with Nadine, it’s great luck if you manage to at least hurt the girl. The second battle with her seems to equalize the chances, because his brother Sam is standing shoulder to shoulder against Nadine and Nathan, but all hopes are in vain. Even two strong men cannot cope with a professional soldier, albeit a female one.

10 unbeatable boss battles

4. Shenmue 2 - Dou Niu

Over the course of the legendary Shenmue 2, the main character will have to get involved in battles several times, which will end in inevitable defeat for him. But, perhaps, the most memorable boss, which cannot be defeated at the first meeting, is the giant Dou Niu and his squad of minions. Huge weight, fast speed and not the best intellect are the main features of Dou Niu and no matter how hard you try, no matter how masterly kung fu tricks you demonstrate, sooner or later the giant will overcome Ryo Hazuki.

10 unbeatable boss battles

3. God of War 2 - Zeus

Almost all gods in the God of War series are rapists, murderers, the embodiment of all human sins, disgusting and greedy creatures. But the worst of them is Kratos' father Zeus, who deceives the divine powers from the Spartan and even in this case, without hearing his words of loyalty, converges with Kratos in a mortal duel. It's not even so much a boss fight in the game, it's a brutal beating of Kratos, who, like any other mortal, is not able to resist a deity on equal terms, and therefore death is the expected result. But even in the finale of God of War 2, having met Zeus again, Kratos will not be able to take revenge.

10 unbeatable boss battles

2. Yakuza 0 - Miracle Jackson

Now we come to one of the most difficult and dishonest boss fights in the history of games. We can imagine any fantasy scenario in games, but not one where the player manages to defeat the king of pop Michael Jackson in dancing. This is simply impossible, as the developers of Yakuza 0 prove to us, forcing the player to compete on the dance floor with Michael Jackson (actually Miracle Jackson). There is simply no hope of victory in this battle - the more skillfully you dance, the more points you gain, the more points the pop king gains, making you feel defeat anyway. However, was it possible to expect a different outcome?

10 unbeatable boss battles

1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Hel

Finish the top 10 boss games in the final battle in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice with the master of the realm of the dead Hel. Nominally, Hel can hardly be called a boss, she does not participate directly in the battle, but only sends an endless army of her own minions to Senui. But this fight cannot be won, it is a metaphor for the main character's struggle with her inner demons, where the only way to win is to surrender and accept defeat.

10 unbeatable boss battles

A non-trivial take on boss fights and hopefully the recently announced sequel to Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will surprise you too.

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