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TOP 5 profitable motherboards for gamers


It is believed that a gaming motherboard is always an expensive and advanced motherboard, and only with a top chipset. But it turns out that this is not at all necessary. The market has long had models for gamers that are based on cheaper components. Obviously, they have fewer features, but agree, not everyone needs first class devices with a bunch of bells and whistles.

Player Offerings include both Intel processor and AMD boards.

Is a gaming motherboard really necessary?

Even in the budget category ( Intel - H310 chipset, AMD - A320 chipset ) you can find gaming models. They cost a little more than the cheapest ones, but it certainly makes sense to pay extra for them, since motherboards from the lower segment are usually of questionable quality.

Does every gamer need a gaming motherboard? Of course not, but in the "gambling" models, manufacturers have focused on functions that will be useful for gamers. Such a board does not necessarily cost a fortune, but it does provide high performance and access to many interesting features.

What functions of gaming motherboards should you pay attention to? Of course, exactly those that are useful in our gaming practice. It is definitely worth investing in models with features such as improved audio (e.g. noise cancellation or headphone amplifiers), reinforced PCIe x16 slot, protection against electrical failures, prioritizing network traffic in games, or dedicated ports for gaming accessories (e.g. PS / 2).

Don't forget about additional features such as auto-overclocking technology (for better gaming performance), RAM disk (makes games load faster), and, finally, looks and lighting (game boards have a more aggressive design).

In our list, we've focused on gaming motherboard models that offer good features for their price point, although there are also higher-end gaming motherboards.



H310 motherboards are the cheapest models for Intel Coffee Lake processors. There is no possibility of building special configurations in them, but if you are going to use only one video card and, for example, two disks, then this will be enough for you. This ASUS gaming board boasts a reinforced graphics card slot, AURA lighting, slightly improved sound, Intel-based LAN and of course, hardy components (TUF series).

This is one of the cheapest motherboards for gamers, but is clearly more expensive compared to the budget H310 models. But you know exactly what you pay more for.

Gigabyte B360M AORUS GAMING 3


Intel's mid-range motherboards (B360 and H370 chipsets) still don't offer overclocking options, but they offer much more expansion options. This model boasts, among other things, Intel-based LAN with cFossSpeed technology, a reinforced PCIe x16 slot, enhanced audio, a Wi-Fi slot, two M.2 connectors, Intel Optane Memory support, RGB Fusion lighting and finally XSplit software. Gamecaster for streaming the game.

Looks really decent, you can't argue.



Motherboards based on the Z370 chipset are recommended for gamers looking for the highest performance - in other words, looking to overclock processors and use RAM at a high clock speed. The price of such devices starts at 8 thousand rubles, but for excellent gaming models they usually ask for more. ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H Gaming is one of these boards, but its price is not the highest (about 13 thousand), and the best representatives of this segment can cost much more. It uses a range of technologies to make life easier for gamers, including: RAM support up to 4000 MHz, SupremeFX audio (with built-in headphone amplifier), GameFirst technology suite, SLI and CrossFireX support, and two M.2 sockets for the fastest storage NVMe (also in RAID).



Moving on to AMD-based models, here's a cleverly crafted AM4 motherboard with the cheapest A320 chipset. Overclocking is not available here, and the memory frequency is limited to 2666 MHz, but the board is equipped with many technologies that will attract gamers. For example: Gaming Device Port, Audio Boost, Gaming LAN traffic optimization, and M.2 slot for fast SSD media (bandwidth varies by processor).

This is a good base for an inexpensive gaming PC.

Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3


The middle segment of AM4 motherboards (B350 and B450 chipsets) is already interesting because it allows both processor overclocking and the use of fast "RAM". Of course, those who like to squeeze the most out of their hardware should rather get the top-end X370 / X470 motherboards, but the B350 / B450 will provide reasonable overclocking and further configuration options. This model includes two fortified PCIe x16 slots (CrossFire support), enhanced audio with headphone amplifier, network traffic prioritization (cFosSpeed) and RGB Fusion lighting.

The B350 will soon be replaced by the B450, which will offer, among other things, support for StoreMI technology.

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Author: Jake Pinkman