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The best TV series of January: Premieres


As promised, we return to the topic of the best TV series of January, and this time we will discuss the best and most anticipated premieres of new projects. Traditionally, there are not so many of them in the middle of winter, but this is not a reason not to pay a little attention to the best ones.

For today's footage, we have selected six of the most promising multi-part films in January, which will be covered in the order of their release.


BBC January 1

Despite the fact that the collaboration between Netflix and the Walt Disney Company came to an end back in November 2019, the content of the first one not only did not become scarce, but also has all the prerequisites to become even more diverse and of high quality. Still, now Netflix has two powerful competitors at the same time - Disney + and Apple TV +, so if you like it or not, you have to keep the brand.

And in order to keep the brand up to date, from time to time it will be necessary to give a go to projects - re-singing or reinterpreting classic pieces that have set the teeth on edge. For example, such as the well-known "Dracula".

A film crew, which was engaged in the sensational Sherlock, undertook to invent, shoot and sponsor a new story about the famous count from Transylvania. And the main instigator and "brewer" of this porridge, Stephen Mofat, is also known to us as the head of the Doctor Who project. So, there is every reason to believe that the feed will be of high quality and interesting.

The new and improved Dracula will be in mini-series format. All three hour and a half episodes of the project will be released on the streaming service Netflix on January 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The plot is not disclosed, but from the available synopsis it is clear that it will not be about the "early years" of the well-known ghoul, but about some kind of continuation in which Dracula sharpens his grudge against England.

For those trying to draw some parallels with adapted to modern times "Sherlock", let's say that the action will take place not in our days, but at the turn of theXIX andXX centuries ... But it won't get any worse. The main thing is that the script does not fail.


DPC, January 1

Next on the list of premieres of the best TV series in January is the Swedish multi-part film "Hamilton". All countries of the modern world have superspy agents working for the special services of these countries. For example, in Great Britain and the United States, these are James Bond, Jason Bourne, MacGyver, Jack Reacher, etc. So why shouldn't the Swedes get hold of something like this, which has been spotted while performing super-difficult and top-secret missions around the world?


By the way, the Swedes have been running around with their Hamilton as with a written sack for more than a decade. The first series on this agent was filmed by them back in the late 90s. Then the role of Hamilton was played by Peter Stormare himself, who later moved to Hollywood in order to play in the local blockbusters of USA villains.

After, in 2011-2012, a couple of full meters were released, in which the role of Agent Hamilton was entrusted to Michael Persbrandt. In the updated version, Jacob Oftebro was appointed to play the role of the famous Hamilton, who appeared in the film "It's a stupid business simple", according to which the Americans filmed "Snowblower" with Liam Nisan.

The mission of the future, already the third in a row, Hamilton's reincarnation has not yet been exposed. Not even a trailer yet. But the date of the pilot's premiere has not changed. So, there are all the prerequisites for the pilot episodes to be released on time. We look forward to the third coming.


FOX January 2

After the Walt Disney Company last year bought FOX in giblets, the lion's share of the latter's projects were either suspended or canceled altogether. But the series “Deputy” was lucky in this regard. He, having slipped through a tough "selection", nevertheless broke through to TV screens.

The next series in January, which will premiere on the second day of the New Year, is a police-crime-detective story about a deputy sheriff of one of the Los Angeles Counties, who, hopefully, was superbly played by Stephen Dorf, familiar to most moviegoers from the fantastic action movie Blade and the crime thriller The Expendables.

According to the rules of the District, after the sheriff comes down with a heart attack, his deputy takes his place until the boss recovers, or until the next election (the sheriff's office is elective). And Sergeant Hollister becomes the head of the county police. But not everyone likes his straightforwardness, honesty and irrepressible assertiveness.

So there will be problems. Moreover, both the Acting Sheriff himself and those who do not like his temper and ambition.


New Drama, January 6

The next TV series in January, the pilot episodes of which will premiere before Orthodox Christmas, will once again plunge us into the harsh everyday life of American doctors. Only if most of the series "about doctors and clinics" tells about the doctors of these clinics, then the showrunners decided to lower the bar a little lower and illuminate the personal life and working days of the assistants of these same doctors, I mean, nurses.

The plot will hang out and wrap around four nurses working at the local St. Jude clinic. It will not do without interesting cases of healing the "sick population", nor without incidents at work, nor without hardships and non-damages in personal lives, nor without moving up the career ladder.

We strongly suspect that all the "starting" nurses of the project will someday have the status of doctors. Unless, of course, the project is closed after the first season due to “lack of viewership”.

Everything will be fine

Freeform, January 16

Despite the fact that the beginning of the next January series will be somewhat dramatic, because in front of the audience the father of the family of the protagonists will have to accumulate from an incurable disease, further events of the serial film will be just comedic.

And all because after the death of his father, the guardian of his two sisters - Matilda and Genevieve - will have to become 25-year-old brother Nikolay, who has not yet left his brains.

And then complete chaos will begin. Because, as it turns out, his teenage sisters in life, in some places, understand more than their newly-born guardian brother himself.

Plus, the girls still need to be fed and dressed in something. This means you have to pull your ass off the couch and look for work. Sucks!

Avenue 5

HBO, January 19

Completing our list of January serial premieres is yet another fantastic space-comedy project fromHBO, which in itself can make any TV viewer check out at least a pilot episode.

Yes, parallels with Orville suggest themselves, but that's all. The actions of this tape will be closer to reality, but it will not do without fantasy and space. Events will unfold in the future, in which space tourism has become commonplace. The ship under the interesting name "Avenue 5", having set off on its next tour of the solar system, broke down somewhere halfway, and now something unintelligible is happening on board.

All its passengers from the venerable public immediately turn into a crowd of alarmists. Everyone understands that you can't help things with idiocy, but unfortunately, they don't become less idiots from this and are not going to be quieter.

How will the captain and his crew behave in this case? And will they give him themselves at least somehow a story in principle? We'll find out soon.


Let's finish this for now. Now that we are aware of all the latest movies and TV series for January, we can begin to make plans for cultural events. Which, of course, will in no way diminish, but, on the contrary, enhance the spirit of the approaching New Year. Happy holidays, gentlemen, and more cool films, TV series, and white, chrome-plated metal rats for you in the coming year!

Where are we without them, according to the Eastern calendar!

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