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New engine for satellites from USA runs on water and alcohol


Few have heard of the Samara National Research Institute. More precisely, about his occupation.

In the meantime, it was intensively developing a modern engine for nanosatellites. Not so long ago, its prototype was presented to the judgment of pundits.

How do you like Elon Musk?


This device works on a mixture of water and alcohol. Many critics immediately wondered about the choice of the engine's working fluid. The developers explained that water has a low molecular weight. Due to this, the expired steam has a high speed. Alcohol is added to keep the fuel from freezing in low-earth orbit where the temperature is very low.

The unit is designed with an electric heater. It vaporizes the fuel mixture before it enters the nozzle. This produces steam, which must be heated to a predetermined temperature using the same heater.

In this fuel, water and alcohol are related to each other in a ratio of 60% to 40%. The developers claim that this mixture is the safest. The reason for this is the complete absence of self-igniting components. Another plus is the lack of toxicity. This type of fuel is one of the most environmentally friendly.

Some technical data for the entire installation were announced. It has a maximum weight of 1.55 kg. This is subject to full refueling. Experts expect it to deliver a total velocity impulse (acceleration) of 80 m / s.

Why are there no prospects for engines on water.

Humanity is reluctant to accept all changes. We do not want to harmoniously fit into technologies that allow the use of environmentally friendly forms of energy as a mover. For example, wind force, ocean tide, solar energy. More precisely, they are used, but not fully. The volumes are not the same.

Over the past 70 years, in different parts of the planet, scientists and people with advanced thinking have tried to create the most advanced technology. It would allow making a real breakthrough in the field of creating the latest energy source.

This is about an engine on water. An engine to eliminate fossil fuels.

The principle of its work lies in the possibility of splitting water at the molecular level. Then, the resulting elements are burned to generate a sufficient amount of energy.

This topic has been raised several times in Japan. Last time in 2008. At one of the automobile exhibitions, the "Genepax" company presented a "water vehicle" to the attention of the visitors. Any water was poured into his tank, the car started up and worked properly, moved around. Under its hood was a device capable of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then burning them.

It would seem that this is a breakthrough. There is not a prototype, but a finished car. It exists, it drives. All project documents, patents are available. However, the company soon went bankrupt and closed.

Why? It's simple. If such cars or just engines start to be mass produced, then the way energy companies do business will have to change. Most likely, they will undergo a global restoration, up to destruction.

This is a threat to transnational energy corporations. They are working hard to eliminate it.

The tentacles of these corporations have not yet reached space. Other physical laws work there. Therefore, the engine of our scientists will live on.

What are the prospects.

This invention allows you to qualitatively expand the capabilities of small spacecraft, satellites. They will be given new tasks.

Work will be actively carried out to study the ionosphere of our planet. They will also take part in the collection of data to prevent natural disasters on Earth, help monitor other space devices and asteroids.

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Author: Jake Pinkman