Announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons, details about Smart Delivery, theatrical performance based on Chekhov in Minecraft - game news digest # 3.06. Part one (Topic)

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Announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons, details about Smart Delivery, theatrical performance based on Chekhov in Minecraft - game news digest # 3.06. Part one


Also in the news: Persona 4: Golden becomes the most successful JRPG on Steam, Mafia: Definitive Edition story trailer, BloodRayne refreshed on PC, new game from the creators of Night of The Woods.

Announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons - a simulator of space battles in the Star Wars setting

EA's next project in the Star Wars universe was a first-person space battle simulator by Motive Studios. So far, only the cinematic has been presented to us, and the gameplay itself will be shown at EA Play 2020. In the game, gamers will have to control many ships of the Empire and the New Republic, and the battles themselves will take place on familiar planets and on previously unseen areas of a distant, distant galaxy. Single and multiplayer mode announced.


The plot of the simulator will unfold after the events of Return of the Jedi and the Battle of Endor. We have to play as two characters: one from the fleet of the Republic, and the second from the air force of the Empire.

There will be two modes in multiplayer: battles between two teams of 5 people each, as well as Fleet Battles, where the team must destroy the main ship of the opponents. Most importantly, there will be no microtransactions in the game. All improvements that you can purchase, both gameplay and cosmetic, are free.


The game will be released on PC [EGS, Steam, Origin] XOne, PS4 and will receive crossplay. On PC and PS4, the game can be played in VR Release - October 2.

Microsoft explained how Smart Delivery works

Smart Delivery, aka Smart Delivery, is a technology that allows users to buy one game at once for XOne and XSX, which is optimized for the console you play on.

Mikromyagike explained in detail how Smart Delivery will work. The technology supports some Xbox Game Pass games. Cross-progress declared.


The company spoke about Smart Delivery using three games as an example. So, Gears 5, which has already been released, will be available on the XSX immediately at the release of the console, and all that remains for the player who bought the game earlier on the XOne, simply download it to his new console, and he will receive its optimized version. The second example is Halo Infinite. The game will be released on the launch day of XSX and when the user buys it, they will receive the best version for both consoles.

And the last example of Cyberpunk 2077. Since the game will be released before XSX users can buy the game and start playing it on XOne, but after the next console is released, they can continue playing the game on XSX from their last save. There are no graphical improvements to the game, but the patch that will pump the picture will definitely come out.

The technology will support games from Xbox Game Studios, but it is also available on request for other developers. This applies not only to digital versions of games, but physical ones.

Theatrical performance based on Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" took place in Minecraft

The Tovstonogov St. Petersburg Bolshoi Drama Theater recently held a theatrical performance in Minecraft for the first time.


The production of "The Cherry Orchard" by A. Chekhov took place in a virtual copy of the BDT, which was built by the players with the recreation of all the main features of the original, like the Greek and blue halls.

Capacity - 90 people. This performance opened a series of similar performances in Minecraft. What can I say - this is the future we deserve.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Story Trailer

At the PC Gaming Show, a story trailer for the updated Mafia: Definitive Edition was presented. It showed Tomi Angelo - the main character of the first part. Fans of the series can recognize many of the story missions from the original in the trailer, such as the infamous races.

Recall that according to the promises of the developers, a lot of new material will enter the game, such as cut scenes, story missions and other elements. The game is powered by the Mafia III engine, so from a visual point of view, it looks amazing - the authors assure.

The game is scheduled for release on August 28.

Persona 4 Golden is the most successful JRPG on Steam

Partially, but the rumors were confirmed, and Persona 4 Golden was indeed released on PC. While we were expecting a third installment, chances are good to see it in the future, as Persona 4 has enjoyed incredible success and has become the most popular and best-selling JRPG on Steam.


So, the game has already taken first place in terms of simultaneous online players in comparison with other JRPGs. It totaled 29984 users, according to ResetEra. But this is relative, and for example, Cod Vein also has a JRPG tag and it was online more than Persona 4. However, if you look at other classic JRPGs, which Persona is, it even surpassed Final Fantasy XV.

Also at the time of writing the digest, the game is the best-selling PC project in the world and has 96% of positive reviews on the site. Thanks to this success, the game is now ranked 165th in the TOP 250 best selling games on Steam.

Updated BloodRayne coming to PC in the future

A new player has appeared on the arena of the industry - the publishing house Ziggurat Interactive, which is going to return to the sale of the updated classics lost in time. They recently bought out the Majesco Entertainment catalog, which includes the acclaimed BloodRayne dilogy. The publisher is working with the authors of the original Rhine games to deliver a workable and system-optimized game.


Also, following the takeover of Majesco Entertainment, the publisher acquired the rights to Advent Rising, Raze's Hell and Flip's Twisted World. In total, Ziggurat Interactive currently owns 200 franchises.

Ziggurat Interactive are planning to publish remasters or updated versions of games from the 90s and 80s. So, the publisher announced its intention to release Forbidden Forest, Super Huey and Deadly Dozen.

Tombstone and Raven - Creators of Night of the Woods tease a new game

Night of the Woods is a project of the young studio The Glory Society. They are currently working on two games. The team teases one of them on their twitter. In the tweet, you can find a gif with a gravestone carved with "A season Above, A season Below" and a raven on top of it. The tweet itself says that "the moon is rising, the wind is changing."


More information will tell us over time. Now we can say that the game has inherited the visual style of the previous project. Three developers are working on it, including Ren Farren, new team member, art director and composer.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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