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HONOR 9C Inexpensive Smartphone Review


At the end of April, HONOR started selling several models of low-end smartphones in USA. The device, which will be discussed below, differs from others in the presence of a catchy appearance and a powerful battery. Is this enough to achieve success in our market? Let's try to figure it out.

Appearance features

What manufacturers do not go to make the design of a novelty amazing for users. They make the bezels of the front panels thinner, hide the selfie cameras in the bodies, change the shapes of the main modules and come up with a lot of different tricks.

Some people make their inexpensive devices look like flagship smartphones. It happened with the HONOR 9C.


It was equipped with a large display, a small hole in the left corner of the screen for the front camera, a back panel with a gradient color.


The fact that this is a device from the budget segment can only be guessed by the fingerprint scanner, which is located at the back, and not under the display. The body of the smartphone is made of plastic, albeit of good quality, from a distance similar to glass. He did not receive an oleophobic coating, so it is better to get a cover right away. Otherwise, you will need to constantly erase fingerprints from the surface.

The presence of a microUSB connector looks almost an anachronism, but music lovers will appreciate the presence of a mini-jack in its usual place.

The screen of the device received a 6.39-inch IPS-matrix with HD + resolution. It produces good contrast and good color reproduction. There is also enough brightness here, even on a sunny day you can work outside.


The device is equipped with a Kirin 710A processor. This almost new platform, which is a modified version of the Kirin 710 processor, previously actively installed in the mid-range smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer.

The chip is helped by 4 GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity is 64 GB. The presence of a slot for microSD, combined with a tray for two SIM cards, indicates the possibility of expanding the latter volume.

This equipment is enough for quick launch of applications, web surfing. Most games run well at medium settings, with virtually no sagging fps, providing the desired dynamics and smoothness of the process.

HONOR 9C has Android 10 OS and Magic UI proprietary shell. Fans of different settings will be happy with their large number. The interface allows you to adjust everything to suit your needs and preferences. There is a dark theme, cloning applications and much more. There is also an NFC module that allows contactless payments.

Camera Features

The main camera of the device received three lenses. The main sensor has a resolution of 48 megapixels. There is also an 8MP ultra wide-angle 120-degree viewing angle and a 2MP depth sensor.


This equipment allows you to get high-quality pictures in good lighting conditions. They are detailed, crisp, with good color reproduction.

In the dark and in low light, the frames are also good. The "Night mode" functionality glues dozens of frames with different shutter speeds and uses AI to produce a bright photo.

The device can record video in Full HD quality at 60 fps. It's not bad, only sometimes it lacks stabilization. However, only flagships have such equipment.

There are no Google services, but it's okay

For a long time, HONOR products have been deprived of Google services. There is nothing surprising in this. The company is developing its own AppGallery store. It is constantly updated with new applications. It is still far from full diversity, but there are already programs for social networks, utilities for instant messengers, banking services, office work.

WhatsApp and Instagram are not there yet, but Telegram is already working.

Most HONOR and Huawei device owners have learned to do without Google services. Some of them have mastered the technique of downloading the necessary applications through other software. Others download unlicensed products. In general, everyone adapts. Whoever doesn't like it buys other brands.

Battery and charger

HONOR 9C received a 4000 mAh battery. The presence of energy-intensive technical stuffing and low resolution allows using the device without recharging for almost 36 hours. If you just watch video content on it, then this time will drop to 18 hours (at medium brightness).


It's bad that there is no fast charging here. The device is equipped with a standard charger with a capacity of only 2 A. It restores the reserves of a fully discharged battery in two hours. In our time it is long and not practical, but not so critical.


Any owner of the HONOR 9C smartphone can be called a thoughtful and practical person. It has the optimal equipment and functionality for its money. The device will surely appeal to those who value quality and reliability.

Not everyone will be satisfied with the lack of Google services, but there is a way out. AppGallery's own app store is constantly updated. If among the available programs you do not need the one you need, then you can use the services of APK files to find and download everything you need.

There are many decent smartphones on the market. But in each case, everything determines the cost of an individual model.

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