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How Good Boys Fight Cybercriminals


Not only in movies, but in harsh reality, the American police rely on the K9 canine unit to find drugs, explosives and people. Over the past few years, a new class of four-legged specialists has appeared in K9, capable of fighting the new threat - cybercrime.

These dogs are specially trained to search for data storage devices such as flash drives and hard drives. As Cnet explains, these computer parts contain a unique chemical compound called triphenylphosphine oxide. Humans cannot smell it, but dogs have a more sensitive olfactory receptor and can be trained to look for triphenylphosphine oxide.

Rex sniff this phone

A dog's ability to sniff out electronics can be an important skill in finding evidence and solving criminal cases: electronic devices can store evidence of financial crimes, child pornography, correspondence with criminal plans, etc. For the first time, a dog helped the criminal investigation department find a storage device in 2014 year.

Cnet employee Alfred Ng attended training for Harley's retriever, who works with Detective Brett Hochron at the Westchester County Police Department in New York City. According to the journalist, the US police began to conduct a new type of training in 2016, and as of February 2018, there were 17 specially trained dogs in the country capable of detecting electronic storage.

Unlike guide dogs and companion dogs, bloodhounds must be bold, inquisitive, energetic and motivated. They receive delicious food as a reward for their successful work. Labrador retrievers are especially good at showing themselves thanks to their docile nature and excellent scent. When a bloodhound like Harley senses the presence of a suspicious object, she explores the area until she finds the device. Training takes place daily because the only feed per day only occurs when the dog finds a suspicious device.

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