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Deadpool sequel without director

Image Deadpool has been in development for many years, and the audience saw the blockbuster thanks to the tenacity of four people - director Tim Miller , actor Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters Rett Reese and Paul Wernick. The talkative mercenary Wade Wilson was so liked by the audience that the studio 20th Century Fox did not hesitate to launch the second part.

However, judging by the latest news published by the site Deadline , the sequel will differ from the first film at least in that it will not involve Tim Miller . Of course, the director did not have a signed contract in his hands, but he took an active part in the development of the project, which is why the press believed that it was Miller who would be entrusted with the shooting of “ Deadpool 2 ".

The source says that the reason for the departure of Miller was creative differences with Ryan Reynolds , who is also the producer of the film. Thus, after the success of Deadpool , Reynolds 's powers were significantly expanded, which did not suit Miller . The last straw was the conflict between the director and the actor over the casting for the role of the mutant Cable . For a long time, rumors circulated in the press that Kyle Chandler would play the hero. His candidacy was also promoted by Miller , but Reynolds did not agree with the choice of his colleague.


At the same time, Miller left the project peacefully and will even continue to cooperate with the studio Fox . According to the source, the major has already invited Tim to lead the filming of the sci-fi movie Stream, based on the book by Daniel Suarez and intended to become the beginning of an entire franchise.

As for Deadpool 2 , it will presumably make its theater debut in 2018, although Fox hasn't decided on an official release date yet.

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Author: Jake Pinkman