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Deadpool sequel is on the way

Image The premiere of the blockbuster " Deadpool " in USA will take place tomorrow, the Americans will meet the screen Wade Wilson on Friday, and the studio 20th Century Fox is already working on the sequel , reported by The Hollywood Reporter . The script for the sequel is being written by the authors of the first part, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Although Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool , has not officially signed up to shoot the second part, insiders say that the bosses of Fox intend to retain the creative team of the first film.

Back in September, news broke that a sequel to Deadpool could take the place of the second Fantastic Four after the first failed at the box office. However, the management of the major has not confirmed these rumors. Producer Simon Kinberg, in turn, already then noted that Fox thought about creating a second "Deadpool" , and also mentioned the possible appearance of a hero nicknamed Cable , in the comics who led X-Force .


Last month, forecasters predicted Deadpool about $ 55-60 million in gross for the debut weekend, but now these numbers have increased, and the blockbuster could earn more than $ 70 million. The amount is really impressive considering the R rating received by the film. The maximum funds raised by paintings with such a rating is $ 91.7 million , and this record belongs to the "Matrix 2: Reload" tape.


It is safe to say that Ryan Reynolds will return in the sequel to the role of Wade Wilson , the return of other heroes is still in question.

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