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Officially: ”American Werewolf in London” to receive a remake

Image In August of this year, we reported that Max Landis expressed a desire to create a remake of the famous horror movie “ American Werewolf in London ”, which was directed by his father in 1981. According to Variety , Universal has decided to fulfill the dream of a young Hollywood director and screenwriter.

The main character of the original film was an American student David Kessler , who decided to go hiking in England with his friend Jack . During a night walk in North York Moors National Park, friends were attacked by a mysterious creature. Jack could not survive the meeting with the monster, and David was lucky to get off with moderate wounds. However, soon the guy begins to understand that with the onset of the full moon he himself risks turning into a bloodthirsty werewolf ...

John Landis wrote the first version of the film's script back in 1969, but no Hollywood studio ventured into production. The director managed to find a $ 10 million budget to implement his idea only after he shot such box-office comedies as "Menagerie" and "The Blues Brothers". The film's iconic status in 1981 was helped by the special effects team of Rick Baker, who was honored for their work with the first-ever " Oscar " in the category "Best Makeup".


In 1997, " American Werewolf in London " received a sequel without the involvement of John Landis . As a result, the painting "American Werewolf in Paris" failed to recoup its budget and was defeated by critics. Attempts to revive the franchise were made nine years ago, but then the studio Dimension Films failed to get the project off the ground. The rights to " American Werewolf " have now passed to Universal , whose management has decided to return the film series to the Landis clan. Insiders still find it difficult to say whether Max is planning to shoot a frame-by-frame remake of his father's tape, or if he expects to present the audience with some unexpected surprises.

A breakthrough in the career of Landis Jr. was the science fiction film Chronicle, for the script of which he earned a lot of flattering reviews from reputable film critics. This year, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency made a return to his name for the television adaptation of Douglas Adams' humorous novel Max took over the functions of screenwriter and showrunner.


The new version of American Werewolf in London will be produced by Robert Kirkman , who is familiar with the horror genre. At the moment, the eminent comic book author is actively involved in the creation of such popular TV series as The Walking Dead ( The Walking Dead ), Fear the Walking Dead ) and Outcast ( Outcast ).

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