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Rob the bank in 39 minutes

Image As The Tracking Board exclusively managed to find out, Circle of Confusion is taking on the adaptation of the graphic novel 39 Minutes ( "39 minutes"), and has already selected a scriptwriter for the project - it will be Matt Duffett .

The original comic was released back in 2013 and became famous for its brutality. The graphic novel was written by William Harms.

The protagonist of the original John Clayton is a demoted Marine who decided to pull off a bank robbery. Former comrades in arms, disillusioned with the country they served, are ready to help him in this. When the criminals break into the bank, they arrange a real bloody massacre and kill all the witnesses. Now they have 39 minutes to take what they want, and anyone who dares to stop the robbers can become a victim in this time period.


Matt Duffett is an aspiring author, and so far there are no high-profile projects on his account, however, Broken Road Productions recently invited a screenwriter to rewrite the text for the film Crash Unit starring Sylvester Stallone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman