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Elle Fanning Can Go Breaking Bad

Image Earlier this year, we reported that Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto is preparing to try his hand at stage production. The big screen star's directorial debut will be the crime thriller 77, about two police officers investigating the kidnapping of 19-year-old granddaughter of media mogul William Randolph Hirst.

As it became known to Variety, at the moment in Hollywood is preparing another film project about the famous case of political kidnapping. Fox 2000 has begun work on the adaptation of Jeffrey Tubin's bestseller American Heiress.

The kidnapping of Patricia Hirst took place on February 4, 1974 on the campus of Berkeley. The Symbionist Liberation Army (CAO) claimed responsibility for the incident. First, the members of this terrorist group demanded that the authorities release several of their accomplices from prisons, and then set a condition that the Hearst family give every indigent California resident a $ 70 food bag. According to the most conservative estimates, holding such a charity event would cost the relatives of the kidnapped girl $ 400 million.

Negotiations between the parties reached an impasse, and just two months later, Patricia unexpectedly announced her desire to join the ranks of the CAO. Soon, Hirst, along with other terrorists, began to take part in robberies and robberies. The end in the criminal career of the heiress of a multimillion-dollar fortune was set in September 1975. After her arrest, Patty hastened to declare herself a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. With the support of an impressive team of lawyers and human rights activists, she managed to avoid a serious prison sentence.


The biographical drama was written by Larry Karacevski and Scott Alexander, who have already collaborated with Jeffrey Tubin on the first season of the American Crime Story television anthology. James Mangold will take the director's chair for the film about the abduction of Hirst. After the success of the "Logan" movie comic strip, a flurry of offers from the bosses of Hollywood studios fell upon the director. In the past few months alone, James has signed up to remake the Franco-Belgian drama The Bodyguard, a crime thriller about corrupt cops and a children's tale about an imaginary cat. According to insiders, Mangold is considering temporarily postponing work on these intriguing projects and prioritizing the adaptation of American Heiress.


Elle Fanning ("The Neon Demon") has entered negotiations with Fox 2000 regarding the role of kidnapping victim. The actress is expected to give a definitive answer to the studio management in the very near future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman