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Jared Leto will command ”Motor!”

Image During his 25-year career in the world of cinema and music, Jared Leto managed not only to win the " Oscar " for Best Supporting Actor, but also to shoot several video clips and documentary projects ... According to The Hollywood Reporter , the popular actor and singer is finally ready to show his talent as a stage director in big movies.

The debut feature film Summer will be the crime thriller "77". The first version of the script was written by the famous detective writer James Ellroy , based on the works of which were filmed such films as "Black Orchid" and "Secrets of Los Angeles." At the moment, the scriptwriter and producer of the upcoming third season of the crime drama "Husky" David Mathews is working on the finalization of the text of the American writer.

The thriller will take place in 1974 in Los Angeles. The main characters of the story will be two police officers, who will solve the brutal murder of their colleague and go on the trail of the missing granddaughter of the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hirst.


Judging by the official synopsis, the thriller about the underworld of the City of Angels will be based on real events. 19-year-old Patricia Hirst was abducted by members of the Symbionist Liberation Army terrorist group in February 1974. After some time, the girl's family received a demand to give each indigent Californian a food bag worth $ 70 . Fulfilling the terrorists' conditions would have cost the family of Patricia several tens of millions of dollars. Billionaire William Randolph Hearst did not dare to go for such expenses, as a result of which his granddaughter remained in captivity of terrorists. Already in early April of the same year, she announced her entry into the ranks of the CAO and refused to return home.


Over the next few months, Hirst took part in several robberies committed by members of the radical left group. After her arrest in September 1975, she began to claim that she agreed to help terrorists under threat of death. Initially, she had a 35-year prison sentence, but the court sentenced her to only seven years in prison. As a result, Patricia did not even serve this term: human rights activists declared her a victim of the Stockholm syndrome, thanks to which she was entitled to early release in 1979.


The production of the tape " 77 " will be carried out by the winner of two " Emmy " Dick Wolfe , who is well acquainted with the genre of crime drama by working on the series of the franchise "Law and order ".

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