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Secrets of Psychiatry and Cyber ??Technology: Watch This Week

Image The upcoming weekend promises to be at least intriguing: stylish, gloomy, and at the same time completely different Ghost in the Shell and Cure for Health will be released at the same time. Let's start with the project of Gore Verbinski: just one trailer for his film with an R rating makes you nervously crawl in a chair.

In the story, Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), a young cynical employee of a large company, goes to Switzerland in search of a suddenly ill financial director, so as to quickly return him to the States. The hospital turns out to be a rather strange alpine castle, from which the boss does not want to leave at all. Naturally, Lockhart is not going easy either: the castle won't let its visitors go so soon.

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Despite the fact that “we have already seen this somewhere” (in “Isle of the Damned” or “Abode of the Damned”, for example), it is somehow impossible to wait for hack from the famous visionary and director of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Ring” , even after the idiotic Lone Ranger ride. What Verbinski has always succeeded in is to make the horror visible and tangible, so much so that goosebumps. The director himself shared that he considers his new horror to be modern Gothic, and when creating it he was inspired by Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain , a novel that recreates in detail the atmosphere of a mental hospital, whose patients are passionately fleeing reality. True, in the American box office the creation of Verbinski did not even make it into the top five box-office leaders, having collected only about $ 8 million with a budget of $ 40 million.

Ghost in the Shell
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Another picture that can also be expected and feared at the same time is, of course, Ghost in the Shell , an adaptation of the famous anime series for large screens. The news of the launch of the project and the casting caused both delight and pain among many - big fans of the anime and manga Masamune Shiro felt that Scarlett Johansson somehow did not look like an Asian. But watch the trailer and see: Scarlett there is just "kawaii", although not really naked.Her heroine Motoko Kusanagi is a major in the secret department # 9, which deals with especially important matters. The year is 2029, the world is filled with cyber technologies, and many people have embedded neurochips or neuroimplants in themselves. Kusanagi is certainly not your average cop. She is a cyborg, and her technology-packed body allows her to be invisible. Quite predictably, cyberspace is in jeopardy due to the intrusion of an ingenious hacker. Motoko will have to deal not only with a large corporation, but also with which side it has enemies, and who it is - an android or a person.

In general, the plot is not new at all for cyberpunk, and the original manga is already honored for heritage rather than originality. So far, the trailer and the kindly shown first five minutes of the film suggest that the atmosphere of a gloomy and at the same time attractive future is the main reason to see Ghost in the Shell on the big screen. Coupled with drones, high-tech robots in kimonos, Scarlett glass eyes and a powerful cast, this seems to be a lot.

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The rest of the weekend premieres are in the second echelon. For example, Lasse Hallstrom's family film A Dog's Life is about our smaller brothers and their love for their owners. The viewer's picture will clearly touch, inspire, or make you finally get a dog. Although, as some critics say, this is not a new "Marley and Me", the scripts of the Swede Hallstrem are humanity, because it was he who gave the world the sentimental "Hachiko: The Most Loyal Friend" and the family drama "What Eats Gilbert Grape ". By the way, viewers of other countries liked the film about simple and eternal truths.

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The dark horse of hire is the drama "Una" , which you need to know about first of all, that Rooney Mara is filming there. The chamber psychological thriller unleashes a tangle of stories about a destructive relationship, a too painful past and love that cannot be erased from memory. Back in Soderbergh's Side Effects, the fragile Rooney Mara showed how she knows how to interfere in human destinies and break them with a bang. Who knows what the heroine will present this time.

ImageThe animated film “The Smurfs. Lost Village " from the director of the second" Shrek "and" Spirit "Kelly Asbury. Young viewers and their parents will find a funny story about the search for a mysterious village, which will even bring Smurfs closer to the mystery of their existence.

Guillaume Protsenko's crime drama Wake Me Up about the science of sleep, drug trafficking and how it can be connected will join the treasury of modern USA cinema. And lovers of documentary films, the history of our planet and biology will not pass by Terrence Malick's meditative film Time Travel . This is not just an educational film in the style of BBC , but a vivid creative statement, a visual experiment in which the viewer's only task is to relax and absorb the beauty and wisdom of the world around us.

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