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The Rock Will Play Superman With Communication Problems

Image A couple of years ago it became known that the studio Sony and director Shane Black ("Iron Man 3") decided to transfer to the screens the main character of the series of popular tabloid novels " Doc Savage ". Chris Hemsworth was considered the main contender for the role of a genius and master of martial arts, but at the finish line the star of the MCU Marvel managed to get ahead of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson .

The actor announced that he was taking on the role on Instagram, attaching a snapshot of Black and the blockbuster scriptwriting team to the post. Johnson reminded his fans that Clark "Doc" Savage is believed to be the prototype of Superman . The hero of the novels of Lester Dent, Henry Ralston and John Nanovich from childhood prepared for great achievements with a group of scientists led by his own father. Although Savage did not have superpowers, but many years of hard training turned him into a perfect representative of the human race.

Johnson also noted that the creators of Man of Steel took only the best from Doc , forgetting about its shortcomings. As a child, the hero of pulp fiction was isolated from the outside world, which is why, in adulthood, his communication with other people often came out hilariously awkward. According to Dwayne , it was the presence of such flaws in the image of Savage that became the main reason why he wanted to take part in the Black project.


The upcoming blockbuster will be the second movie about Doc Savage . For the first time, a literary hero stayed on the big screen in 1975. The film "Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze" with Ron Eli in the title role did not delight the audience and critics, which is why the bosses of Warner Bros. had to curtail plans to create a sequel. In 1999, the Hollywood major decided to partner with Castle Rock Entertainment and Universal to reboot the franchise. It was planned to appoint Frank Darabont and Chuck Russell as curators of the film, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was offered to play Savage . The latter chose to pursue a political career, as a result of which the project was never able to get off the ground.


According to insiders, Shane Black expects to begin filming a new version of " Doc Savage " early next year.

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