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Not Superman Alone

Image For a long time, Hollywood has been trying to make a new film about Clark "Doc" Savage, a tabloid hero who is considered the prototype of many comic book superheroes. It seems that the full-length film should be forgotten for a while, but Sony studio and producer Neil H. Moritz (Fast and Furious) have found a way out: they will shoot a whole series about Savage.

Doc Savage trained since childhood in the company of scientists, which helped him become a superhero, even without superpowers. However, the absence of the latter was compensated by other talents of the guy. He was a musician, inventor, scientist, explorer, detective and possessed extraordinary mental abilities, photographic memory and tremendous strength. All of this helped Savage fight injustice.

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson won the role of Savage, and the film was directed and written by Shane Black. A couple of years later, Skala admitted in an interview that for a number of reasons the project was at a dead end. It was then that Neil H. Moritz thought about the format of the series, after all, Savage's adventures on the printed pages are hundreds of characters and a lot of interesting stories. It is reported that in the new project, Doc will have to deal with rampaging dinosaurs, fantastic gadgets, secret societies, deadly traps and conspiracies to conquer the world.


While Doc Savage has been on screen only once - in the movie "Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze".

Source: Deadline

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