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Colonial romance. Lost City Z Trailer

Image In 2009, the American journalist and regular The New Yorker writer David Grann released a non-fiction book that immediately made it onto the The New York Times bestseller list. " The Lost City of Z. A Tale of Deadly Obsession with the Amazon " is the fruit of a five-year study of the biography and mysterious circumstances of the disappearance of the famous British surveyor and traveler Percy Fawcett in the humid jungles of Brazil.

Such an attractive story about the search for the unreal, published in the format of an extremely popular book, could not remain without the attention of filmmakers. The work was taken over by James Gray - a director whose films are constantly included in the main competition program of the Cannes Film Festival and are invariably autobiographical. The role of Colonel Percy Fawcett was initially claimed by Brad Pitt himself, who had long dreamed of working with Gray , but in the end the main role went to Charlie Hunnam - the star of the series " Sons of Anarchy "and King Arthur in a future Guy Ritchie film. Pitt remained the executive producer of the film.


" The Lost City of Z " is based more on the true story of Fawcett than on the book Grann , from which, in fact, only one name remains ... The film is narrated on behalf of the colonel himself. He arrives in South America on a government mapping assignment. But the real goal of Percival has always been the search for the mysterious and legendary Indian City Z - the remains of an ancient Indian civilization, partially associated with Eldorado itself. Traveling into the jungle in 1925, Fawcett , along with his son Jack and his friend Raleigh , went missing. James Gray , who wrote the script with his own hand,

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The film premiered on October 15 last year at the New York International Film Festival . In addition, " The Lost City of Z " was in the out-of-competition program of the Berlinale this year. In addition to Hunnam , the film stars Sienna Miller, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. The film will be released domestically on April 27.

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