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Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek

Image Throughout his career, Quentin Tarantino preferred original ideas and did not get involved in adventures like large-scale franchises. But it looks like it's time for a big change. As the portal Deadline found out, Tarantino and the Paramount studio expect to work together on the next film in the Star Trek film series.

The source reports that Tarantino shared the idea for the project with Jay Jay Abrams. And he liked the director's vision so much that he went straight to the Paramount bosses and is already assembling a group of authors, which, based on Tarantino's concept, will develop a script for the future film. If all goes according to plan, Abrams will remain the producer of the sequel, and Tarantino will lead the filming.

Now film fans can only hope that Tarantino is not joking and is really ready to go in a new direction for him. Not only can Star Trek fall into the hands of one of the most talented and great filmmakers of our time, but also the director himself will master a new genre for himself - science fiction.


Now Tarantino is headlong into work on his ninth film, the distribution rights for which recently went to Sony. The premiere of the tape is scheduled for August 9, 2019. If the director agrees to head the shooting of the next Star Trek, then the project will become his tenth in a row, which means that Tarantino may well end his career as planned.

It is unclear how Paramount's long-planned fourth installment, in which Chris Hemsworth was to return to the role of James Kirk's father, fits into these plans.

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Author: Jake Pinkman