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Tom Cruise, Laika and the Icebreaker: Watch this Week

Image Despite the fact that Jack Reacher was advised not to return, he will return to us literally next week - in the sequel to the 2012 film. Due to the lack of worthy competition, the action movie Jack Reacher 2: Never Come Back will become the most promising premiere of all the USA distributors have planned for October 20 . The release date with the indefatigable Tom Cruise will be shared by three original films, one animation and one domestic, so Jack can not be afraid of his box office and set off with his head held high in search of new adventures.

This time, the adventure will await Reacher in his native 110th military police unit, where he must meet with his current head Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders). However, upon arrival, Jack learns that Susan is accused of espionage, and he himself is a suspect in a murder allegedly committed 16 years ago. An incredibly cool former soldier who can rip off an enemy's hand and kill him, will certainly figure out who framed him and the beautiful Turner , and at the same time will demonstrate to the audience all his spectacular skills in business, that is, in fights and shootouts.

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The first "Reacher" , we recall, was shot by Christopher McQuarrie, who worked with Cruise on the blockbuster "Mission: Impossible: Outcast Tribe." Edward Zwick has settled in the director's chair for the sequel, with Tom playing in The Last Samurai. The plot of the sequel was based on the ninth book from the series of novels by Lee Child.

"Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai
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Fans of high-quality and at the same time original animation will be able to take their souls away at the cartoon Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai " . The new project of the famous studio Laika focuses on a boy with magical abilities, who, in the company of unusual friends (a monkey-amulet and a beetle who was once a samurai), will have to go through many tests to find his father's armor and give battle a powerful enemy - his own grandfather, nicknamed Moon King . Like the previous works of this studio, such as "Coraline in Nightmare Land" and "Corpse Bride", Kubo is not a purely entertaining children's project, but a very ambitious work that touches on many serious topics, where every smallest detail. As a result, director Travis Knight produced a spectacular and deep animated film that will leave a mark on the soul of not only a young film fan, but also an adult viewer with an impressive cultural background.


Another noteworthy premiere is the project of Nikolai Khomerika "Icebreaker" . The director, whose most famous work is the arthouse "Boomerang Hearts", brilliantly coped with such a difficult genre as a disaster film. Moreover, this story about brave polar explorers can boast of a real Soviet flavor that can cause nostalgia for those times even among viewers who know about the USSR only from history textbooks and film classics. In addition to a gripping storyline based on real events and excellent acting, Icebreaker is spectacular and emotional: against the backdrop of giant icebergs and endless snows, true heroism looks almost as impressive as against the backdrop of burning lava in the recently released free remake of "The Crew".


For connoisseurs of auteur films, our distributors have prepared a new drama by Xavier Dolan It's just the end of the world , which is remarkable at least for the fact that in it we can observe an overwhelming number of close-ups with the participation of five brilliant French actors (Vincent Cassel, Gaspard Ulliel, Lea Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Natalie Bai). According to the plot, a successful writer, after many years of separation, returns to the bosom of his family to inform his family about his illness, but they do not really want to listen to him, since everyone has their own, more pressing problems.Just a family dinner, the main character thinks. -It's not the end of the world ”. The film Dolan , exploring the theme of the family as a complex mechanism with many hidden buttons and incomprehensible details, was awarded this year Grand Jury Prize and Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival .

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And two more French films will be waiting for you in domestic cinemas starting next Thursday. Dramedy In Bed with Victoria ( Palm Dog Award in Cannes) tells the story of a woman entangled in her former, current and potential lovers, and the comedy With Things to take off! ” will present in an unexpectedly funny light the problem of migrants that is vital for all French people.

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